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Revision concepts, tbtr and avatar


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Revision concepts, tbtr and avatar

  1. 1. INSITUTIONS AND AUDIENCES THE FILM INDUSTRY Applying what you know to the exam criteria Candidates should be familiar with…
  2. 2. … The issues raised by media ownership in contemporary media practice. <ul><li>Consider how the ownership of the production, distribution and exhibition companies affects the type of films that are made. </li></ul>How did + affect How did affect +
  3. 3. … The importance of cross media convergence and synergy in production, distribution and marketing. <ul><li>Understand how all aspects of the media (websites, newspapers, television etc) are used to market a film and show you understand how companies work together to produce and distribute films. </li></ul>Compare how your films were marketed, how much did they utilise cross media platforms and convergence? To what extent was this down to the benefits of ownership, synergy and vertical integration?
  4. 4. … The technologies that have been produced in recent years at the levels of production, distribution, marketing and exchange. <ul><li>Show you are aware of how new technology has impacted on production, distributing, marketing and exhibition of film. </li></ul>Be aware of filming in HD, SFX and how they are added at the editing stage of film production, how the internet influences the ways films are marketed and distributed, digital distribution of film
  5. 5. … The significance of the proliferation of hardware and content for institutions and audiences. <ul><li>Show you understand how the increase and improvements made in technology are affecting the ways that films are made and distributed today. Also, be able to assess how technological improvements have impacted on the viewing experience, at home and in the cinema. </li></ul>You need to be able to explore how the affordability of new technology has impacted on the making, distribution and exhibition of film. What about the affordability of blu-ray? Piracy?
  6. 6. … The importance of technological convergence for institutions and audiences. <ul><li>Understand how new technologies can combine to produce, market, distribute and exhibit a film successfully. </li></ul>You need specific examples of how technologies can combine to reach a target audience eg, ‘The Boat that Rocked’ – soundtrack was advertised on Vivendi own Universal and
  7. 7. … The issues raised in the targeting of national and local audiences (specifically British) by international or global institutions <ul><li>Show you know how international and global institutions target a national and local British audience. </li></ul>‘ Working Title’ is owned by ‘Universal’, why is it in Universal’s interest to have a subsidiary such as WT? Compare WT’s films to ‘blockbusting’ movies such as ‘ Avatar’. How do films such as this, target such massive audiences?