Links between lyrics and visuals in our music


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Links between lyrics and visuals in our music

  1. 1. Links between lyrics and visuals in our music video By Ella
  2. 2. “take us down” This gesture reinforces the lyric, and therefore draws audience attention to it, which amplifies the message that she is being fought against and is resisting.
  3. 3. “I wanna yell it” Again, this literally illustrates the lyrics. It also establishes a connection between the two set ups.
  4. 4. “do we speak or are we just nodding our heads?” This is disjuncture, the lead singer is so restrained by the doctors and the situation that she does not nod her head, it appears to be nodded for her as the doctor gives her a pill.
  5. 5. “you’ll find a way” Smirk of lead singer in performance detracts from the struggle of her in the hospital, distances the singer in one set up from herself in the other
  6. 6. “don’t reach too far” Literally tries to reach out and is restrained, disjuncture between lyric and gesture
  7. 7. “can’t pull us under” no.1 Ironic, as at this point she is already “under”: she is unconscious.
  8. 8. “I’ll be deplete” Acknowledging her own downfall in the performance setup by gesturing how she will be deplete, yet disjuncture with the hospital set-up, in which she continues to struggle.
  9. 9. “now dump it on me” There is a connection between the performance and the hospital here, and it appears as if the singer in the hospital is taking orders from herself in the performance. This amplifies the message but is ironic, she does not allow herself to be force fed, but rather spits [dumps] it on the doctor, literally illustrating the lyric.
  10. 10. “if I go quiet will the itch go down with me?” Amplification of key lyric, as the dancer comes descends from his jump on the lyric “down”, reenforces the question to the audience
  11. 11. “never mind that it was never there nowhere” Agreement in action and in lyric draw attention to this key moment, and firmly introduce the key concept of the lead singer losing the dancer
  12. 12. “pull us under” no.2 Again, they literally are pulling her under as she says this lyric.
  13. 13. “pull us under” no.3 Again, as she sings this she is falling unconscious and her struggle is ending.
  14. 14. “pull us under” no.4 In this last connection between lyric and action, there is amplification. The lead singer is doing everything she can to escape, and this is strongly reinforced by the lyric.