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Ldv tour


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Introducing the all new - take a tour of what's available at LDV.

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Ldv tour

  1. 1. Welcome the Welcome TOUR!
  2. 2. Tour these areas:•Memberships Tour Areas•Our Store•Our History•Customer Support
  3. 3. Learn more about any of our Membership areas:•Villager(free) Membership List•Primary$4/month•Relief Society$3/month•Seminary$8.50/month•Sunday School$3.50/month•Young Women$4/month
  4. 4. VillagerThe Villager membership is FREE – but don’t let that fool you!In this case, you get MUCH more than you pay for! Here are afew of the benefits of becoming a Villager: Villager Membership• A Personal Account where you can manage your login andcontact information and see what you are subscribed to andall the history of your membership.• Access to great free content from all our other membershipareas.• Access to our free forums and groups where people aroundthe world share topic specific ideas, questions and support• Periodic Newsletters customized to what you are interestedin – full of topical news, specials, teaching ideas and articles.•Access to member blogs with awesome content.
  5. 5. PrimaryThe Primary membership is just $4 a month. Includes:• A Villager membership.• Access to our Primary Knowledgebase including: • great leadership helps based on this year’s annual theme Primary Membership (planners, calendars, newsletters, charts, postcards, etc) • gorgeous hand drawn portrait posters for the monthly themes and scriptures • Primary Scripture Search TM based on the monthly scriptures • lesson helps for this year’s Primary manuals • music helps for songs included in this year’s Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation. •with over 1000 archived articles from the past 14 years.
  6. 6. Relief SocietyThe Relief Society membership is just $3 a month.Membership includes: Relief Society Membership• A Villager membership.• Access to our Relief Society Knowledgebase including: • great lesson helps and visual aids based on this year’s RS/MP manual lessons. • monthly Visiting Teaching bookmarks/handouts • monthly Relief Society meeting ideas • with over 100 archived RS articles from the past 14 years.
  7. 7. SeminaryThe Seminary membership is just $8.50 a month. It Includes:• A Villager membership.• Access to our vast Seminary Filing Cabinet Knowledgebasewith 14 years of material including: Seminary Membership • over 5000 articles covering all four years of seminary • Lesson plans and ideas for every single lesson block • Teacher Prep ideas for organizing, preparing, grading, discipline, room decor, inspiring yourself and your students • A plethora of Scripture Mastery resources • 100’s of games, object lessons and activities • over 4000 attached files – documents, spreadsheets, graphics, audio files, presentation files, video files and more.
  8. 8. Sunday SchoolThe Sunday School membership is just $3.50 a month.Membership includes:• A Villager membership.• Access to our Sunday School Lesson Plans including: Sunday School Memberships • Donna McAllister’s Gospel Doctrine Youth Lesson Plans – awesome detailed lesson plans geared to teenagers. OR • 12-13 Year Old Sunday School Class Lesson Supplements for the current year. Visuals, handouts, games and activities to supplement either Preparing for Exaltation (even years) or Presidents of the Church (odd years)
  9. 9. YOUNG WOMENThe Young Women membership is just $4.00 a month.Membership includes:• A Villager membership.• Access to our Young Women Knowledgebase including: Young Women Membership • Lesson Handouts and supplements for the current lesson manual • Beautiful clipart collections for the various areas of YW. • Planners and Calendars • Craft Ideas • Archive of ideas for all the areas of Young Women, including Personal Progress, Mutual Activities, YW Camp, Youth Conference, Dances, Firesides, Service and more!
  10. 10. OUR STORELatter-dayVillage has an online store with great productsespecially for LDS teachers and leaders! Here are some of thefeatures of our secure shopping cart:• Your Villager Membership is used for your store account – Our Storeyou only login once for any area of LDV• E-books – we have a variety of teaching books that havenever been in print, or that are now out of print and availablenowhere else!• Digital Art Collections – download some super art/imagecollections available exclusively at LDV•many original/exclusive LDV products as well as third partyproducts especially for teachers! •Books, posters, charts, bookmarks, keychains, jewelry, apparel, gifts and much more
  11. 11. OUR began in 2005 as a merger between twoveteran LDS websites, Primary, ETC and LDSSeminaryFiles, bothof which started in 1997 and followed similar paths as paidmembership sites for LDS teachers. Our HistoryThe material at LDV is a combination of both “gathered” andoriginal content. We have been collecting ideas from LDSteachers and leaders around the world for 14 years. These aretried and true ideas and files submitted by experienced teachers“in the field.” The ideas are organized and categorized for easeof use and represent a wealth ofscholarship, experience, creativity and time – TIME YOU WILLSAVE – because if there is one thing we DON’T want you to do itis to reinvent the wheel! NEXT . . .
  12. 12. The original content is commissioned by LDV fromartists, authors, musicians, photographers and gospelscholars/experts and is prepared especially for our members. continuedIn addition to our vast collections of archived and newcontent, one of the hallmarks of Latter-dayVillage is ourseminary email group/forum, where the world is just a mouseclick away as teachers across the globe share their inspiredideas, ask for help with current needs, counsel, commiserate andassist one another. Do you need to find a quote you heard oncethat is perfect for your upcoming lesson – ask and ye shallreceive! This is a great resource and community for many aseminary teacher feeling isolated in the pre-dawn world. NEXT . . .
  13. 13. We have had a mail-order store from the very beginning. In fact,Primary, ETC was started specifically to sell the first publishedbook by founder, Debra Woods – Primary Scripture SearchVolume 1, Discovering the Hidden Treasures in the Scriptures.To attract visitors, Debra put everything she had ever thought up continuedor designed for her callings on the site so people wouldappreciate her gift for creativity and buy the book. Since then,we have sold four more Scripture Search books and manyproducts from other publishers and distributors – many of whomDebra met at the annual LDS Bookseller’s AssociationConvention in Salt Lake City where most LDS publishers andmanufacturers display their wares for store owners nation (andworld) wide. NEXT . . .
  14. 14. We’ve had many different shopping carts over the years, andnow offerbooks, charts, games, stories, bookmarks, stickers, keychains, jewelry, t-shirts, digital art, digital books and much more in oursecure shopping cart. continuedLDV has suffered the unexpected passing of our webmaster, TimHolder, in 2008; being hacked and shut down for a few weeks in2010, the year of red alert emergency mode handicappedfunctioning that followed, slashing our revenues by more thanhalf and increasing labor mani-fold.In Spring 2011 we found a new web developer, Chris Egglestonof who has made it possible for LDV tonot only carry on, but to reach all new heights with his beautifulweb redesign. NEXT . . .
  15. 15. Some powerful business coaching and mentoring from Kim Flynnand Gerald Rogers has been a critical part of the revitalization ofLDV.The transition, for our faithful long-term followers, may be a bitsticky at first – we are using completely different continuedsoftware/technology with a new webhost on this brand newiteration of your old favorite website . . . but before you know it– all the wrinkles will be ironed out and you will breathe, as willwe, a great sigh of relief and be so excited about the new formatand features of LATTER-DAY VILLAGE – THE NEXT GENERATION.Thank you for your interest and patronage! ~ Debra Woods ~ ~ LDV Founder ~
  16. 16. CUSTOMER SUPPORTFAQ - Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers tothe most common Member questions and issues. Customer SupportTROUBLE TICKET – Members can fill out a Trouble Ticket to reportany issue requiring our attention or support. Member ticket historyis accessible from your membership page.ADMINISTRATIVE ALERTS – members will receive email messagesregarding site maintenance or other administrative matters – pleasebe sure to add to your approved senders list.CONTACT LDV – visit our Contact Page for other methods ofreaching us.