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Millington_A_McLaren Vale - south of Adelaide: changing identities of a peri-urban, premier wine region


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Beyond the Edge: Australia's First National Peri-urban Conference
La Trobe University
Oct 2013

Published in: Travel, Technology
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Millington_A_McLaren Vale - south of Adelaide: changing identities of a peri-urban, premier wine region

  1. 1. McLaren Vale - south of Adelaide: changing identities of a peri-urban, premier wine region Prof. Andrew Millington, Robert Keane School of the Environment, Flinders University, Adelaide Prof. Britt Dale Department of Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Beyond the Edge Conference, Melbourne, Oct 2nd 2013
  2. 2. Setting the scene     South of Adelaide: “double edge effect”  City of Onkaparinga: southernmost council in the Adelaide Metro Area – sharp suburban and rural divide  McLaren Vale: southernmost part of City of Onkaparinga – the rural part (former Willunga Rural District Council)  South of McLaren Vale: Fleurieu Peninsula (rural) Premier wine region Iconic coastline Highly vulnerable to suburban expansion
  3. 3. The approach      Place and community very strongly identified Sense of place, cognitive mapping and perceptions of change: underline the importance of the concept of identity McLaren Vale variously defined [cognitive mapping] Recent land-use actions adding layers onto the construction of sense of place [discourse analysis] Importance of identity concepts:  Do differences provide opportunities to be exploited and promote urban growth?  Do they they have a role in countering urbanisation
  4. 4.   McLaren Vale is…  a township  different areas  old wine growing district centered on McLaren Vale township  a more extensive area synonymous with Willunga Basin  a Wine Australia GI: bigger than the McLaren Vale area definitions  a legally defined Protection District: bigger than either of the McLaren Vale area definitions, different to Wine Australia GI Conflicting and contested geographical concepts in play
  5. 5. Changing landscapes and identities    Landscape elements and events create the concept of “McLaren Vale/Willunga Basin” as a place “working rural landscape”  common descriptor  objective of character preservation legislation Working landscapes change (will continue to change as new local and international markets emerge in response to local sustainability and resilience concerns, and export drivers)  suburban (housing) encroachment  cropping: cereals, almonds, sheep and hay, vines, olives  landscape aesthetics
  6. 6. Changing landscapes Crop Location Change Cereals adjacent to coast mostly lost to housing Almonds around Willunga township mostly lost to vines Sheep-Hay south and east mostly lost to vines Vines around McLaren Vale township expanded: greatest proportion under vines of all SA wine regions Olives scattered expanded
  7. 7. Landscape aesthetics important in constructing identity: land use actions have changed seasonal colour palettes
  8. 8. Re-invention as a premier food and wine producer and destination: Role of Willunga Farmers Market pivotal. WFM was most quoted characteristic event in interviews
  9. 9. Remarks moving forward…     McLaren Vale is a “working rural landscape” at the fringe Identity build around landscape aesthetics and cultural aesthetic: echoes of past working rural landscapes  Change in land-use influenced colour palettes, Willunga Almond Blossom Festival New actors and resilience concerns re-inventing as a premier food and wine producer and destination through new markets  Local (amenity value)  Rural-urban (Adelaide) connection (production and amenity)  National/International (production) Capturing the Fleurieu Peninsula “rural” to the south  “Triple edge effect”?  Needs a regional approach?
  10. 10. Acknowledgements Southern Knowledge Transfer Partnership Willunga Environment Centre Friends of Willunga Basin City of Onkaparinga source:
  11. 11.  Cognitive mapping [interviews and a focus group]    Is there an agreed upon geographical space?  McLaren Vale is… Are there confusing geographical concepts Discourse analysis [In-depth, open-ended key informant interviews]  Changing landscapes and identities
  12. 12. Boundary definitions: Willunga Basin