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Abbott_S_Networked regional cities


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Beyond the Edge: Australia's First National Peri-Urban Conference
La Trobe University
Oct 2013

Published in: Technology, Real Estate
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Abbott_S_Networked regional cities

  1. 1. REGIONAL NETWORK CITIES part of the peri urban conversation Steven Abbott, Strategic Planner
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Future thinking in peri urban landscapes • Policy gap in peri urban planning • Regional Network Cities • Bendigo as an example • Considered as part of the conversation • Fundamentally tied to metropolitan systems • Just like any ‘peri urban’ region – influences by and connected to ‘urban’
  3. 3. THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT • About how peri urban landscapes haven't had the required attention • And about how they’re understood by communities and individuals
  4. 4. THE EMERGENCE OF MID-SIZED CITIES • It’s no longer just about the big five • Genuine alternatives and highly liveable • They’re growing fast! • Policy is beginning to acknowledge their importance • Some say because they have to
  6. 6. • A university that has 5000 students and growing rapidly (~6% per year) • 400% increase in V/line patronage since 2005 • 7% annual increase in medium house price • These are products of people conceiving the place ‘differently’
  7. 7. Lots of things you can’t see over 13kms of powerlines relocated underground
  8. 8. Lots of things that no one really notices! Over 10kms of footpaths upgraded
  9. 9. Hundreds of deciduous street trees planted to provide shade in summer and sunlight in winter Tree in place in 2000 Planted since 2000
  10. 10. The number of outdoor dining permits has increased by 330% over the past 13 years 2000 - 21 permits 2013 - 69 permits
  11. 11. THE POTENTIAL TO FILL A VOID • I think these mid sized cities are important for the future • Policy makers should consider their role in peri urban policy development • Bridge the divide between city and country
  12. 12. REGIONAL NETWORK CITIES • A polycentric settlement model across a region • Network model is not new idea. • A network city evolves when two or more previously independent cities strive to cooperate • Prioritise knowledge-based activities like research, education and the creative arts • Each urban player stands to benefit from the synergies of interactive • Complementary function rather than proximity
  13. 13. REGIONS THAT… • Work together to understand what each other need • Are coordinated to be competitive in scarce economic climates • Strong social and community capital • Already on a self propelling journey • And ask themselves, “how do these investment support the region?”
  14. 14. THAT CAN BE CHARACTERISED BY • Innovation • Connectedness • Altruistic Leadership • Future focussed
  15. 15. STRATEGIC THOUGHT • Seek to better understand the continuing and future role of mid sized regional cities around Australia as successful and supportive centres within peri urban regions. • Need to be considered as part of the conversation and policy agenda. • A vision for integration across each level of government. • Compact urban structures with peri urban landscapes that are improving biodiversity, land rehabilitation and conservation, and diverse productivity. • Places like Bendigo are regionally collaborative and globally competitive. • Regional networks understand key services and infrastructure needs to enable greater interaction for health services, education, arts and culture, economic development, and people!
  16. 16. THANK YOU @abbott_steven