Cyber bullying


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Cyber bullying

  1. 1. cyberbullying latressa m. fulton, mphEast Harlem Tutorial Program May 31, 2011
  2. 2. Introduction● Latressa Fulton, MPH ○ seminars in health and awareness ○ completed various training in social media and marketing ○ social media for various organizations including: ● H.E.A.L.T.H for Youths, Inc was formed for the charitable and educational purposes of assisting at-risk youth; combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency; and improving the quality of education, health care and life-skills training offered to underserved adolescents and young adults. ○ Health ○ Education ○ Academic ○ Life Skills ○ Training ○ Help
  3. 3. Quick and Dirty Overview of Today● Cyberbullying● What it looks like ○ overview of social media tools used● Consequences of Cyberbullying ○ emotional distress● What parents could do about Cyberbullying
  4. 4. Electronic Aggression or CyberBullying● Whats a Bully?● Whats a CyberBully?● What does a CyberBully do? ○ mean messages ○ private information ○ pretending to be someone else ○ exclude individuals from groups● How often is this happening?● Where are the different ways kids tend to bully each other on the internet?
  5. 5. Mean places and spaces● Emails● Instant messaging● Text or digital imaging messages sent on cell phones● Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace)● Web pages● Blogs● Chat rooms or discussion groups
  6. 6. ● Social networking site (2004)● 600 million users (as of January 2011)● platform to add other users as friends, tell personal information about yourself● FREE
  7. 7. ● Social networking site (july 2006)● users send and read messages called tweets● text based limited to 140 characters● approximately 200 million users
  8. 8.!/nickiminaj
  9. 9. example!/nickiminaj
  10. 10. What can you do?Prevent It Dealing with it ● agreement ● tell your child not to respond ● confine internet activity to a ● try to identify the individual who public space is doing the cyberbullying ● bullying is unacceptable ● block future contact behavior ● if the cyberbully is in their ● filter software/monitoring school, notify Administrators software
  11. 11. This is Janelle Herbert, 12 year old writer who has a few words about how parents should help their children with bullying: ● talk to you child ● listen to your childs troubles ● dont allow the bully to trigger a reaction ● tell them you love them everyday
  12. 12. Additional StepsPrivacy setting Facebook - where is find it: of facebook pageResources: ● The Columbia Center for Youth Violence Prevention ● 722 West 168th Street, Floor 16 New York, NY 10032 Tel: 212-305-8213 Fax: 212-342-5169 ●