Landfill projects


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Summary of landfill projects Summit has performed in the past.

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Landfill projects

  1. 1. Landfill Closure• Mass excavation of 120,000 yards of fill dirt, placed for 24” landfill cover• Additional 6” of topsoil placed for a total of 30” cover• Fine grading of cover dirt and topsoil• Installation of storm drainage • 1,400 linear feet of 24” HDPE storm drain pipe • 13 - 24” storm drains • 450 feet of 36” HDPE storm drain pipe • 6 - 36” storm drains• 1000 tons of rip rap placed for erosion control• Seeding of approximately 18 acres of the landfill cover• Rough grading and seeding of 12 acre borrow pit
  2. 2. Landfill CellConstruction• Constructed: • 10 acre refuse cell • Retention pond • 2 - drainage ditches• 115,000 cubic yards of mass excavation and top soil removal• 25,000 cubic yards of sand placement / liner cover• Excavated 25,568 cubic yards to construct a retention pond and associated ditches• Excavated 30,644 cubic yards to construct drainage ditch around perimeter of property• Relied on off-road trucks to complete project instead of scrapers due to excessive rains • Wet topsoil was pushed off the 10 acres and stockpiled offsite
  3. 3. Landfill Clay Cap• Mass excavation of 46,600 cubic yards for cell construction• Installed 250 linear feet of collection pipe• Installed 175,500 square feet of geosynthetic clay liner• Installation of berm and sump• Redistributed 19,600 square yards of topsoil• Constructed haul road, ditches and installed culverts• Seeded 4 acres
  4. 4. Landfill Clay Liner• Cleared trees and vegetation from 40 acres• Mass excavated and stockpiled 411,600 cubic yards of soil• Constructed clay liner with in place excavated soils from within liner area • 15,000 cubic yards of earthwork cutting and filling • Recompacted 156,000 cubic yards of soil liner• Proofrolled 32 acres of liner subgrade• Replaced 6 inches of topsoil over 14 acres• Performed dewatering, dust and erosion control, and haul road maintenance throughout project
  5. 5. Ash PondConstruction• Dewater the existing 120 acre pond and stockpile 220,000 CY of bottom ash • Construct and maintain 3 miles of haul road for 40 ton articulated trucks• Blast, haul, place, compact and grade 605,000 CY of Type II 24a stone for construction of the starter dike and working platforms• Install drainage for the working platform areas • 1050’ of 6” HDPE, 3220’ of 8” HDPE, 4550’ of 12” HDPE • 525’ of 32” concrete encased HDPE • Two 12’ diameter, 32’ deep wet wells and associated mechanical equipment • Drainage structures for system connection including inlets, manholes, drop boxes, and end sections• Demolish existing riser structure and install new riser structure• Install new 102’ span pedestrian bridge and associated pier structure• Install 190,000 CY of compacted clay for flexible membrane liner placement• Install 3,439,000 SF each of flexible membrane liner and type I & II filter fabric• Place 21,500 CY of #2 stone and 23,000 CY of #57 stone as ballast on the liner slopes• Place 182,000 cubic yards of bottom ash as ballast on the pond bottom