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Top places to visit in spain


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Top Places to visit in Spain, cultural-wise. Great architecture and landscapes throughout the Mediterranean Sea

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Top places to visit in spain

  1. 1. Top Places tovisit in SpainBy Speaking Latino Spanish Slang
  2. 2. • The capital city of Spain and the residence of the royal family, is Spain’s largest city and the headquarters for many of Spain’s businesses.• Art lovers can visit two museums, the Museo del Prado and Reina Sofia.Madrid Spanish Slang
  3. 3. • Football (soccer) is a popular sport in Madrid they are the city host of the best soccer team in the history, and the more intense sport of bullfighting takes place in Las Ventas, one of Spain’s most important rings. Fun Activities in Madrid Spanish Slang
  4. 4. • The second largest city in Spain, is in the northeastern corner on the Mediterranean Sea. The city lies by the Pyrenees Mountains in the Catalonia region, an independent region with its own language.Barcelona Spanish Slang
  5. 5. • The city is carefully laid out with straight streets and an organized system of squares. Barcelona is known for its architecture, with many of the buildings built by the famed architect Antonio Gaudi.• This is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.A lot to see in Barcelona! Spanish Slang
  6. 6. • A popular tourist resort town on the Mediterranean Sea in the region of Andalusia, is part of the province known as Costa del Sol. Visitors to Malaga will find interesting artifacts and structures showing Arabic influence such as the Alcazaba Tower that dates to the 14th century.Malaga Spanish Slang
  7. 7. • The Roman Theatre, in use until the 3rd century, is another historic site of interest. Gibralfaro Castle is a Moorish fortress built over a Phoenician lighthouse.• Malaga was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and you can visit the house where he was born and the Museum Picasso. Visitors to Malaga will find warm temperatures and lots of sun for enjoying the golden sand beaches. Spanish Slang
  8. 8. • The third-largest city in Spain, is a popular tourist destination in the west of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.• Valencia is famous for its orange groves, nautical sports and beaches and is considered one of the primary business centers on the Mediterranean.Valencia Spanish Slang
  9. 9. • A theme park for science, art and technology, la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, includes the largest aquarium in Europe.• History buffs can visit the Cathedral that claims to house the Holy Grail and the gates of this medieval city, which date to the 14th century. Spanish Slang
  10. 10. The End Spanish Slang