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Teachers as game designers through storytelling


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Teachers as game designers through storytelling

Published in: Education
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Teachers as game designers through storytelling

  1. 1. TeachersasgamedesignersthroughStorytelling Esteve­González, V.; Camacho, M.; Gisbert­Cervera, M.; Vicens, J. ARGET, Dept. Pedagogy, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (SPAIN) The project: GO1: develop stories collaboratively using digital storytelling GO2: promote student teachers’ digital competence 1 Game design: 2 4 3 7 Technology: Let story be interactive, make your own story Story creation 3D Game­Based Digital Storytelling: 5 Story planning Testing 6Conclusions and perspectives: Planning, organizing and managing of spaces Interaction, reflection and feedback Develop students' creativity Students create their own learning games Abstract: The concept of digital educational games for training and simulation in Higher Education is ranging from subject­related educational games to the recreation of authentic and rich learning experiences. After several years of successfully using Digital Storytelling for knowledge creation and digital skills acquisition in initial teacher training, the contribution of the present paper lies in going further and describing a proposal for introducing storytelling in which students become game designers and create rich experiences for digital educational games through storytelling. Ref. EDU2013­42223­P ECGBL2016: 10th European Conference on Games Based Learning  6­7 October 2016, Paisley, Scotland More information: Goal Space Components Dimension 1: Didactics (curricular and methodological) Dimension 2: Planning, organization and management of spaces and technological resources  Dimension 3: Relational ethics and security Dimension 4: Personal and professional aspects Mechanics Rules Characters