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Pòster jipi 2017


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Pòster jipi 2017

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Pòster jipi 2017

  1. 1. Domínguez García, S. @santidomga Sanromà Giménez, M. @m_sanroma Mogas Recalde, J. @joppcc Applied Research Group in Education and Technology (Ref.2014SGR1399) Teachers in training: Early Childhood and Primary Education double degree Using 3D virtual environment Educational Design Research (EDR) methodology - OpenSim - Moodle - Sloodle To search ways to improve teaching and learning experiences using ICT in the future exercise of their profession. (ref. EDU2013-42223- P) 3D simulations laboratory for the digital competence for teachers development What? Who? The general aim of this I+D project is to design a virtual lab to develop and evaluate the Digital Competence for Teachers (DCT) in Initial Teacher Training (ITT). The Digital Competence (DC) is a basic competence necessary for all the citizens. For this reason it is contemplated in the study plans of the different educational stages. In the training of teachers we refer to the Digital Competence for Teachers (DCT). This competence has some specific characteristics linked to the professional activity grouped in the following four dimensions: 1. Teaching, curricular and methodology. 2. Planning, organization and management ICT environments and resources. 3. Interaction, ethics and security 4. Personal and professional Teachers in training work the DCT using a 3D virtual learning environment. Where?How?Why? JIPI: Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària. 8 February 2017, Barcelona