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Jipi 2019


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Schina, D. (2019). Educational Robotics across disciplines in primary school. Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària, Barcelona, Espanya.

Published in: Education
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Jipi 2019

  1. 1. Schina, D. @schinadesp Despoina Schina E d u c a t i o n a l r o b o t i c s a c r o s s d i s c i p l i n e s i n p r i m a r y s c h o o l JIPI: Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplin�ria. 4th of February 2019, Barcelona T h i s p r o j e c t h a s r e c e i v e d f u n d i n g f r o m t h e E u r o p e a n U n i o n ' s H o r i z o n 2 0 2 0 r e s e a r c h a n d i n n o v a t i o n p r o g r a m m e u n d e r t h e M a r i e S k l o d o w s k a - C u r i e g r a n t a g r e e m e n t N o . 7 1 3 6 7 9 a n d f r o m t h e U n i v e r s i t a t R o v i r a i V i r g i l i ( U R V ) . Research Problem: The increasing popularity of Educational Robotics (ER) together with the growing demand for STEM professionals compels us to further investigate the teaching and learning processes applied in educational robotics contexts and its integration into formal curriculum. Research aim: Propose an interdisciplinary teaching of ER and its integration into primary school with an emphasis on STEAM and 21st century skills developement. Research context: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology: FIRST�LEGO� League Competition - Core Values, Robot Design, Project - Development of STEAM skills, inspiration for innovation & well-rounded life capabilities (e.g. self- confidence, communication, and leadership) Methodology: - case study - mixed methods - data collection from both students and teachers regarding students' learning within the context of the competition. Expected Results: - Considerable are the learning outcomes in the areas of STEAM Education and 21st century skills as perceived by both teachers and students. - ER to be integrated in formal primary school education across different disciplines. FLL interdisciplinary integration of ER into schooI STEAM skills 21st century skills students teachers SGR2017-1682