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Rice bran oil what we should know


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The oil extracted from the husk and germ of rice is called rice bran oil. It has a mild taste that adds flavour to food cooked at high temperature and high pressure. It is notable for its high smoke point of 232 °C (450 °F) and its mild flavor, making it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying. This oil is rich in vitamin E complex, Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and similar micro nutrients.

Rice bran oil what we should know

  1. 1. Rice Bran Oil - What We Should Know* Rice bran oil for food use has been commerciallyproduced in the United States by RITO since 1994.* Despite its similarities to other commonvegetable oils, rice bran oil offers several uniqueproperties that make it very interesting as aspecialty oil in niche markets.* The bran fraction, which includes the germ orembryo in most commercial milling operations,represents only about 8% of paddy weight butcontains about three-fourths of the total oil.* Containing about 15-20% oil (the same generalrange of soybeans), rice bran is commerciallyfeasible for oil extraction.
  2. 2. Uses Of Rice Bran Oil* Rice bran wax, obtained from rice bran oil, is used as asubstitute for carnauba wax in cosmetics, confectionery, shoecreams and polishing compounds.* It is an edible oil which is used in the preparation of vegetableghee.
  3. 3. Health Benefits* A medically significant component of rice bran oil is the antioxidant γ-oryzanol, at around 2% of crude oil content. Rice bran oil is also rich in otherphytosterols.* Rice bran oil and its active constituents improve blood cholesterol byreducing total plasma cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing theproportion of HDL cholesterol.* The rice bran oil component γ-oryzanol was shown in Japan to be effectivein relieving hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. Researchersfound 90% of the women found some form of relief from hot flashes aftertaking a rice bran oil supplement for four to six weeks.* Rice bran oil include modulation of pituitary secretion, inhibition of gastricacid secretion, antioxidant action, inhibition of platelet aggregation, loweringof blood pressure and regulation of cholesterol.
  4. 4. Rice bran oil with itshigher smoke pointis good for bakingbread, cookies,cakes, or frying.As the women walkin the sunlight, therice bran oil acts asa sort of sun screento block a little of thesuns ultravioletrays.
  5. 5. Kitchen Functionality* The viscosity of rice bran oil is very light and is bland. Food cooked withRice Bran Oil absorbs up to 15% to 20% less oil! Less oil absorbedresults in reduced calories, better, lighter tasting food and enhancedflavour and palatability. Less oil absorbed also makes it moreeconomical.* It is hypoallergenic. For those who have intolerance to other cookingoils this is an excellent alternative.* It has a very high smoke (burn) point, making it perfect for deep frying,pan or stirs frying and is a premium choice for the replacement ofhydrogenated oil containing trans fat which has now been proved harmfulfor human health.* It creates less polymers (or is less greasy) than other oils meaningbetter flavour and easier clean-up.
  6. 6. Rice bran oil is mostly monounsaturated - a tablespooncontains 7 grams of monounsaturated fat, three of saturatedfat and five of polyunsaturated fat.
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