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Performance marketing platform through optimization and algorithm


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L’Atelier, in coordination with arvato BERTELSMANN and iClick Interactive, is organizing a conference entitled “How brands and retailers can maximize e-Commerce performance”, gathering IT and marketing specialists to present market insights and discuss how advanced e-commerce technologies can help brands and retailers boost their online sales.

Established in 2009 by a group of Internet veterans and technology experts, iClick is a leading online performance marketing solution provider in Asia, offering a comprehensive range of services that covers strategic planning, market and segment analysis, advertising campaign setup, data tracking, on-going optimization and analytics on media effectiveness as well as ROI. iClick maintains a strong presence in the region with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea.

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Performance marketing platform through optimization and algorithm

  1. 1. iClick Interactive Asia Performance Marketing Platform through Optimization and Algorithm Ricky Ng March 2012Nov2011
  2. 2. Who Are We?• The leading optimization platform in Asia• Over 800 advertisers from SMEs to Fortune 100 companies – Finance and Banking: Citibank, DBS, eTrade, eMoney, American Express – Hotel and Travel: Disneyland, Hilton Hotel Group, Travelzen, Wynns, AirAsia – E-commerce: Dangdang, Amazon CN, Vancl, M18, Lane Crawford, – FMCG: Estee Lauder, DKSH, Abbott, Revlon• Baidu Exclusive partner in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, objective to bring foreign brands and corporate to China• Optimize over US$100M online ad spend through our proprietary technology – 70 millions keywords – 5 millions models processed everyday – 4 terabytes click log data• Real-time data integration with major publishers in the region – SEM & Display: Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Baidu
  3. 3. Marketer’s Pain In the complex online media landscape today, how to deliver a right ad in a right medium at a right time to gain sustainable ROI?
  4. 4. The Evolving Digital Landscape 1996  1998  2005  2011  Direct Media Rising of Ad Ad Demand-side Buy Network Exchanges PlatformExample:
  5. 5. Our Unique Approach Demand XMO Supply (“Cross-Marketplace Optimizer”) Advertisers/ Publishers / Objectives • Single tracking pixels Channels across platforms • Over 12 types of SearchBranding • Real time data categorical data models Cost-per- synchronization • Cross platforms Lead with major data modeling publishersAcquisition 1. Tracking 2. Data Display Cost-per- and Data Mining and Acquisition Collection Modeling Regional Cost-per- SNS sales Local 4. Automated 3. Analytics Maximize Conversion Optimization and Mobile Small- • Dynamic Insights • Full conversion medium path analysis budget allocation Maximize • Conversion funnel Click • Retargeting and cycle analysis capabilitiesCampaign- • Industry conversion • Market turmoil control Blog based standard and more… and more… 5 Increased efficiency in matching demand and supply
  6. 6. Consolidated Buying Data Data Audience Inventory Ad Server IP Data + Media Exchange Data Exchange Media Boom + Creative + Rules Sync Smarter Target Smarter Target Smarter Reach6 Real Time Bidding (RTB)
  7. 7. The Ecosystem is Changing
  8. 8. Introducing XMO 1 2 3 “Achieve On-going, “Efficient, ROI driven “Data is the key to Automated media buying process” Success” Optimization at ease”• From media buy to audience • Track, store and process data • Predictive algorithm that buy • Transform into meaningful works• Aggregate targeted and insights • Performance forecast to valuable audiences identify the best campaign• Ad placement transparency configuration Better Return Smarter Decision More Efficient
  9. 9. XMO – Unique Tracking Method • Price index by industry • Economical factors • Special events Seasonality Effect • Conversion funnel from tracking data • Bounce back rate • User segments Customer Behavior • Value per client type • Cost per acquisition data Conversion • Conversion life cycle • Ad Copy optimization • Value per conversion Keywords • Cost per click data • Data modeling • Data Recency
  10. 10. XMO – Unique Tracking MethodOne single tracking code that can install for all online advertising forms totrack all activities along the conversion path A budget travel package mentioned by friends in social network A travel agency’s banner displayed on a travel website Top search result a user clicks on with great intention to look for the service 10
  11. 11. XMO – Performance ForecastThe enormous data collected through XMO tracking are stored to build aspectrum of data model to predict advertising results.
  12. 12. XMO – Predictive AlgorithmPossess and calculate Decides where, when data points XMO Data Repository how often to show (demographic, user where data mining and ads across all our behavior, performance various algorithms are built media statistics) (sites, placement, content verticals, ad size) Define the length of data windows to be used Recent data Historical data Forecast data Reallocate budget Search engine Geo-graphical Campaign level level location #1 level keyword segmentation Converting Keywords Non-converting keywords #2 level keyword segmentation Brand Generic Tail Assist Negative Portfolio study ROI Counter Up-bid / Down-bid process Regression Normal Aggressive Conservative models
  13. 13. XMO – Attribution and Portfolio Approach Traditional tracking method only credits that channel that give rise to the last click before conversion: Social Media Rich Media Display Mobile Search Conversion
  14. 14. XMO – Reports and Insights Advertisers login to XMO to retrieve reports of all kinds. Cross-marketplace dashboard to understand overall campaign performance at one glance Unique PPC diagnostic tool to evaluate market effectiveness of keyword and ad group and divide them into quadrants based on target CPA and bid position
  15. 15. Uniqueness of Our Technology• Intelligent cookie based tracking technology which can track across different channels• Attribution based modeling brings complexity into simplicity• Computer algorithm designed for Asian advertisers• Re-targeting capability to improve conversion funnel efficiency• Cross market place budget allocation for dynamic marketing• Easy to use multi channel campaign management interface• Full integration with major publishers The Next Generation Marketing Operating System
  16. 16. Well-known International Cosmetic Brand SEM Showcase Mar 2012
  17. 17. Unique Performance Strategy 3rd Stage: (onwards) 1) Cost Optimization to stabilize cost per order 2nd Stage: (3-6 months) 2) Expand market share to ad network 1) Geographic segmentation to 3) Expand market share to 2nd tier search expand volume engine 2) Long tail keyword expansion 3) Brand Zone Optimization 4) Seasonal Optimization Strategy Text1st Stage: (1-2 months)1) Account Restructuring2) Enhance full path tracking3) Data collection and fullpath analysis We expand keyword and channel be converting data step by step so as to minimize the risk and fluctuation
  18. 18. Overall Performance Start SEM Optimization• Average monthly sales increased 92% after consistent optimization• Average monthly order volume also increased 87%• Conversion rate increased 288%
  19. 19. We are ready to work with you in launching a highlyperformance driven campaign Contact us at: