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P1.CN Company Presentation


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Learn more about how P1.CN "connects the exceptional" and provides a great platform for social branding.

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P1.CN Company Presentation

  2. 2. P1.CN in brief• An exclusive, invitation-only social network• Targeting the urban lifestyle consumer in China• 2 million members and counting• Rapid growth in major Chinese cities• P1.CNs vision is to become the primary social and lifestyle platform connecting the exceptional
  3. 3. What We DoP1.CN is the only social network connecting China’s exceptional people,brands, and lifestyle experiences. SNS Platform s nd Sh e ar fri e life ith tw st yle ec co n on nt Live P1.CN C en t Events Magazine Ex ds pe an Br rie nc ith e w Li ct fe ne st y on les C International Brands
  4. 4. P1.CN MembersP1.CN‘s members are China’s young urban lifestyle consumers • They are individuals with taste and an ambition to celebrate their individuality • They aspire to achieve success in their lives • The are internationally minded • They are part of China’s top 5% of consumer spending
  5. 5. P1.CN Member ConsumptionP1.CN Members enjoy fashion, gadgets, cars, and beauty products• Almost 100% of P1.CN VIP members’ families own a car, with 38% of those members owning 2 to 3 vehicles• 83% of P1.CN members are smartphone users• 10% of female members spend over 5,000 RMB monthly on beauty
  6. 6. P1.CN Member Demographics Sex Member Locations Male Female 40% 60% Age <20 4% 20-25 29% Beijing: 39.8% Zhejiang: 2,1% 26-30 42% Shanghai: 19.8% Hong Kong: 2.1% Guangdong: 15.6% Shandong: 1,9% 31-35 16% Sichuan: 2,7% Liaoning: 0,9% >35 8% Chongqing: 2.6% Other: 12,4%
  7. 7. Key services to members• Network of friends they care about• Connect to people through circles of friends• Sharing life with trust and privacy control• Interaction with brands and social enterprises• Lifestyle content from like minded people
  8. 8. Updated Website preview
  9. 9. New Mobile apppreview• iPhone and Android on the way• Share thoughts, comments and pictures• Chat with your friends
  10. 10. Key services to clients• Targeted advertising• Brand page to interact directly with members • Online campaigns • Offline events and lead generation• Market research and member surveys• Upcoming • Virtual catalogues, tagging of brands, e-commerce link • Mobile connection
  11. 11. Login Page case study
  12. 12. Brand page and EDM case study
  13. 13. Brand Mini Site case study
  14. 14. Offline event case studies P1.CN Supercar RacingSamsung 3DTV Launch - P1.CN Exclusive
  15. 15. Clients and partners
  16. 16. New cities through photographyExpansion to 12 new cities through photography in lifestyle venues
  17. 17. P 1 . C N 1008, North Tower B, SOHO Shangdu,ChaoYang District, Beijing, 100020 China Tel: +86 10 5820 1000