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Jigocity email marketing for group buying service


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Presentation given to members of the Digital Business Club powered by L'Atelier BNP Paribas in Shanghai.

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Jigocity email marketing for group buying service

  1. 1. Email Marketing for Group Buying ServicesSylvia PengJigoCity – Internet Product Daily Deals for the Way You Live!
  2. 2. JigoCity Group Profile: JigoCity is an international group buying website that aims to give members a smarter way to see their city by offering discounts on the best restaurants, bars, spas, theaters and events, and also feature our business partners. Current site locations include Australia, China Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. Founded by American entrepreneurs, JigoCity is rapidly growing and expects to be available to members in 10 countries by September 2011.
  3. 3. How to benefit our featured business partners: Promote brand width (brand awareness) Promote brand Depth (brand favorite and brand loyalty)
  4. 4. JigoCity Marketing Channels 1.Daily email blasts to subscribers 2.Warm-up 7.SEM/ campaigns SEO on JigoCity site Vendors/ 6.Precise EDM Merchants 3.Built-in SNS 5.BBS 4.SNS
  5. 5. Challenges to JigoCity Email Marketing •Big Subscriber base •Multi countries in different time zone •Multi languages •Data tracking/aggregating/stats report
  6. 6. JigoCity & Emailvision•API: +150 Campaigns are able to be automatically generated andrapidly sent to the target subscribers on a setting time, by which it saveslots of time and human labor.• Campaign Commander platform
  7. 7. JigoCity & Emailvision •Satisfactory deliverability •Real-time report checking: confidential confidential Campaign Response Funnel Deliverability Report
  8. 8. JigoCity & EmailvisionTracking all the link clicks:Clicks on each linkTotal clicksClick percentage Optimization
  9. 9. Summary Email marketing can provide a favorable ROI 5 Essentials to do successful email campaigns:• Improving your design• Stay creative• Email segmentation• Managing customer lifecycle• Testing, again and again
  10. 10. Daily Deals for the Way You Live!Thanks!