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Emailvision email marketing solutions


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Presentation given to members of the Digital Business Club powered by L'Atelier BNP Paribas in Shanghai.

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Emailvision email marketing solutions

  1. 1. The Global SaaS Leader inEmail & Social Marketing Email Marketing Solutions From Emailvision Rebecca Loviconi Emailvision Country Manager
  2. 2. Agenda Who is Emailvision? What Differentiates us Case Study- Sony - Van cleef& Arpels What our Customers say Email marketing goes social
  3. 3. Company at a Glance● SaaS for email & social marketing campaign management● Founded in 1999● 400+ employees● Offices in 18 countries● Privately held by American and European investors● 4 000 clients, with 100 new logo clients joining per month● Sending 5 billion email messages/month● Estimated FY10 revenue $55M, 43% increase from FY09● Technology Leader Rankings:
  4. 4. Worldwide Office Locations Shanghai HongKong
  5. 5. Why do we have 100 new clients every month?
  6. 6. Return on Investment from Email Marketing Email marketing is the single most profitable marketing channel For every $1.00 spent, $43.62 of revenue is generated* *2009 Direct Marketing Association
  7. 7. Relevant Marketing Campaigns Email Marketing is enablingorganizations to cost-effectivelysend relevant campaigns based on behavioural and demographic criteria
  8. 8. Relevant Marketing Campaigns – eRetailer Example 8 lifestyles The French guy who likes sports 5 languages 2 genders 1 email campaign The English woman who likes fashion The English guy who likes the beachThe German guy who likes travel The German woman who likes comfort
  9. 9. that separate us4 THINGS from everyone else Client Focus Global Approach Product Leadership Platform and Deliverability
  10. 10. Platform and DeliverabilityEmailvision platform and Saas offering enables clients toleverage state of the art infrastructure and save significantCapEx● Highly scalable infrastructure sending 45B+ emails annually ● >99% Proven availability ● >96% Deliverability rate ● Certified Security ● APIs for application integration
  11. 11. Security● Bi-annual security audit by an external company ● Application audit ● Infrastructure audit● Compliant with ● OSSTMM: Open Source Security Tests Methodology for Logical Security Tests ● OWASP: Open Web Application Security Project for testing security applications ● EBIOS: for the qualification and risk analysis● Data Encryption using high-grade encryption (RC4) and transmitted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  12. 12. Unmatched deliverability● Average deliverability rate of over 96%● Platform delivers 4 billion emails / month● Relationships with global ISPs: ● Feedback loops & white listings ● Automatic suppression of hard bounces, unsubscribe, and spam complaints ● Dedicated IP address set up or shared pools of IP ● Sender ID Framework (SIDF) configuration ● Domain Keys Configuration ● DKIM ● ReturnPath® Certification ● Goodmail Certified Email program ● ECO – Certified Senders Alliance
  13. 13. Robust and flexible APIs● Bi-directional access for data, content, and processes through a variety of standard technologies● Web Services SOAP/REST ● Campaign Management ● Notification Messaging ● Real-time Data Synchronization
  14. 14. Emailvision Technology EcosystemDeliverabilityOs andApplicationDatabasesCommunicationsHardwareHosted DataCenters
  15. 15. Emailvision Partner LandscapeIntegrating withComplementarymarketing & CRMsystems
  16. 16. Case Study
  17. 17. The Internet Marketing Value Chain Acquisition Marketing Retention Marketing Permission E-Mail Marketer Marketing Paid E-mail List Online Shopping Search Rental Ads Comparison Traffic Generation Lead Conversion Lead Generation Up Sell, Cross Sell First Purchase Viral, Reactivation Turn existing customers into Profitable Repeat Customers via e-mail at low cost
  18. 18. Emailvision and Sony
  19. 19. Emailvision & Sony● Working together since 2001● Central Hub in UK supported by Paris, Hamburg, Brussels● Email in 32 Countries● 36 language variants● 8 Business Groups Sony Style (Brussels) Sony Connect (Berlin) Sony VAIO (Brussels) Sony B2B (UK) Sony Digital Imaging (UK) Sony AME (UK) Sony TVOE (UK) Sony Card (UK)
  20. 20. Before…
  21. 21. Emailvision & Sony Low ROI Angry consumers Deliverability!
  22. 22. Emailvision & Sony Data mining : Exploit the rich customer data in CRM • Purchase history • Web behaviour Real time customer viewpoint Personalised campaigns • Deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right consumer • Automated email offers based on: – Product purchased – Shopping basket contents/products viewed • E-newsletter taking into account purchase history • Outbound contact centre campaigns Build loyalty to buying direct from Sony
  23. 23. After…
  24. 24. Take your email marketing further Manage and automate your client lifecycle programme Additional recurrent revenues with no production costs
  25. 25. Local Support, Services & TrainingEmailvision - The most extensive global client support & service team• Dedicated Account Management Team• Support• Professional Services• Best Practice & Workshops• Business Reviews• Campaign Performance Reviews• Deliverability Audits
  26. 26. The Sony Welcome Email Process Step 1. Client Purchasing on the Website  Step 2. Online Registration
  27. 27. The Sony Welcome Email Process Step 3. Bounceback targeted Email Personalisation strings: [EMV TITLE] [EMV LASTNAME] Coupon number embed in targeted block selected according to product line Sony_id can be transmitted and inserted as a string [SONY_ID] if the template is standard. If not it will call the right frame and be embedded Personalised block matching product line
  28. 28. The Sony Welcome Email Process Welcome! And thank you for Registering
  29. 29. A few facts Bulldozer approach Targeted Standard newsletter Laptop accessory email • Pushed 120,806 • Pushed 1038 • Opened 23,736 • Opened 522 • Open rate 19.65 % +30% • Open rate 50 % • Click through 5,882 • Click through 270 • Click through rate 4.87 % +21% • Click through rate 26.01 %
  30. 30. A/B Split Testing  A/B Split Testing: it should mandatory!
  31. 31. A/B Split Testing June TZ & BRAVIA D June TZ & BRAVIA D version A version B • Click through: +24% • Click through: 5.4% 6.7%
  32. 32. Campaign automation with Campaign Commander™ 1 month 60% Open 20% Click 2.0% conv. 16,524 9,914 3,305 330 Laptop buyers Type X Yes Yes Open? Click? Segmented email No Yes Open? Reminder 14 days
  33. 33. Re-email on Page Viewers
  34. 34. Sony Style and Campaign Commander™ 90% engineered in house 10% outsourced to an expert with track record
  35. 35. Emailvision and Van Cleef & Arpels
  36. 36. Emailvision and Van Cleef & Arpels Worldwide campaigns • An international website • 4 continents: Europe, America, Middle East and Asia
  37. 37. Emailvision and Van Cleef & Arpels
  38. 38. Emailvision and Van Cleef & Arpels Very specific segments and up to 7 different languages: • English / French / Russian • Chinesese (Traditional and Simple) • Japanese • Arabic In China, three segments: • Traditional Chinese for Taiwan • Simple Chinese for China and Hong Kong • Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong
  39. 39. Emailvision and Van Cleef & Arpels Great results
  40. 40. Emailvision and Van Cleef & Arpels  Great results  HK (Trad Chn) TW (Trad Chn)  40% opening rate 35% opening rate  CHN & HK (Simpl Chn)  6% CTR 12% CTR  31% opening rate  8% CTR
  41. 41. Emailvision Customers Say…
  42. 42. Customer Example● offers exclusive holidays at luxury destinations with discounts up to 70 % ● Founded in 2006, they now have over 3.5 million members and 2009 turnover of 100 million Euros ● 85% of their revenues are generated via email marketing
  43. 43. Customer Example● “Since we have been working with Emailvision, our deliverability rate is excellent and our open and click-thru rates have increased by 20%.● ...with Campaign Commander’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface, we manage email marketing by ourselves. When needed, the Emailvision Client Service team is always available to understand our problems and give us accurate solutions.” David Bastian, CEO of
  44. 44. Customer Example● “Emailvision set-up, monitoring, data management and broadcast services are high performance. Our switch from a basic email newsletter tool to Campaign Commander has driven a revenue gain for our brands online.● The added value of Emailvision is not only defined by its Campaign Commander software. The expertise of the German support team, high value services on a partnership basis together with advanced technical consulting skills and best practices is a great relief to us. It enables us to focus more on the coordination of our Brand- Online-Activities. Well done!” Jens Geisler, IT Partner Manager at Unilever Germany
  45. 45. Emailvision Email marketing gives the best ROI 5 elements to be a successful email marketers: • Segment your list (purchase history, region etc.) to increase your response rate • Customer lifecycle and automated campaigns are key to build a strong relationship with your clients and improve your results • Test, test and test your messages: don’t guess what your customers are expecting • Personalising your message will increase your ROI • Work on your creative to optimise deliverability and customer impact
  46. 46. Top Trend of 2011• Combining social media with email
  48. 48. Email marketing goes socialThey are following you....
  49. 49. Where do I start?
  50. 50. CC Social Edition is very different.... Brand Monitoring
  51. 51. Campaign Commander Social Edition 1. Enables organizations to actively manage their social media marketing 2. Brings best practices in campaign management to social marketing 3. Scales the efforts of individuals orsmall teams dedicated to social marketing 4. Measures results and ROI for your social campaigns
  52. 52. Social marketing- 3 Steps Schedule and send your social campaigns to all of your channels
  53. 53. Be in the right conversations at the right time! YOURBRAND
  54. 54. Be at the top of the conversation at 9:00am
  55. 55. Quickly gather and send new updates throughout the day...
  56. 56. Measure results from campaigns and adjust activities real-time
  57. 57. Customer ExamplesFortune100 Tech
  58. 58. Global Fortune 100 Technology organization“We heavily use Twitter - with 100 different accounts and 200 official contributors so the user rights feature in Objective Marketer is critical for us…. …we also use the product to support many of our global events. At each event we can have 20 creators just for blogging, tweets, etc… We schedule all of the tweets and adjust the campaign every day based on reports.” - Media & Analytics Strategist
  59. 59. Medium size European Digital marketing Agency“I was looking for a solution that was more results oriented, something that could integrate both the communications and monitoring of social campaigns…. …The strengths include the design of the whole product, and the user management features.” - Director of the Agency
  60. 60. Small online retailer in the US who sells specialty dog foodObjective Marketer enabled me to move from being a "re-tweeter" to someone who is now creating andsending content to pet enthusiasts on a regular basis. It has provided a large branding opportunity; we have seen 50,000 more click-thrus to our website. - President of the Company
  61. 61. The Power of Social MediaChange
  62. 62. Contact中国上海市静安区铜仁路299号,东海广场57FSoho - The Exchange 57F299 Tongren RdJingAn District - Shanghai –
  63. 63. Client Focused Entrepreneurial PassionatePionneeringTechnology Now you can have it all. Global. Local. Social.