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Asian landscape for instant messaging by l'Atelier


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The SMS usage is shrinking slowly, partly because of the IM booming. In this filed, the competition is global. The Asian players are becoming as stronger as their western counterparts.

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Asian landscape for instant messaging by l'Atelier

  1. 1. Instant Messaging in APACbyLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  2. 2. Summary1 32 4 5KaKao TalkLineWechatOthersGloballyLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  3. 3. 1 32 4 5KaKao TalkKakao Talk StoryWhat can I do on Kakao TalkKakao Talk Business ModelKakao Talk Rates1. BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  4. 4. 1 32 4 5Kakao Talk Story1. in March 2010, as Korea’s first mobile instant messenger,KakaoTalk became an instant hit thanks to its free download ontosmartphones. After quickly overtaking Google Talk and WhatsApp, the firstmobile messenger in the world, KakaoTalk parlayed its platform tobecome Korea’s No. 1 social networking service and provider of wildlypopular games.Mars 2010September 20101 million users2010December 20105 million users July 201120 million usersMars 201240 million usersdecembre201270 million usersIncluding 90% of Korea’s smartphoneownersFeb 201380 million usersMay 201390 million usersJanuary 2010First external funding of $5million from 13 top-leveltech influencers in Korea,including the founders ofNexon, Hangame, and NCSoft.2010 2012the move was made to formclose relationships with keyinfluencers in Korea, not formoney2013LAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  5. 5. 1 32 4 you can I do on Kakao Talk :• Text• VoIP• Group chats/calls• Send photos/audio/video• Photo wallCommon services :• Games• Stickers/emoji• Celebrity accounts• Android launcher in the pipeline• Available in : Korean, English, Spanish,Chinese(Traditional),Chinese(Simplified), Indonesian,Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Italian, French,German, PortugueseSpecial powers:LAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  6. 6. 1 32 4 Talk Business Model :Game Platform :The social gaming platform is the fourth businessmodel developed by the Korean firm. Users canplay in-app games using KakaoTalk’s social API.The game platform was a massive hit in Korea, andsoon after its launch seven games that integratedwith this rocketed to the top ten spot in Korea’sGoogle Play. We’ve talked about one of its mostsuccessful game Anipang recently.Plus Friend Advertising :The advertising aspect allows companies andbrands to communicate with the app’s usersPeople should add brands as their friends.Digital Items :KakaoTalk earns money by selling digital itemslike premium emoticons and stickers to its users.Companies and brands can cooperate withKakaoTalk to produce their own special series ofemoticons as a brand marketing tool. Therevenue will then be shared between the brandand the messaging startup.13 4Mobile Commerce:Mobile commerce allows users to purchaseonline goods and then send them to a friend viathe app as a gift. The friend will then be able toredeem the gift through the correspondingmerchant. There are now more than 320 brandsthat have cooperated with KakaoTalk for thisfeature, with 7,700 items available for purchase.2LAtelier BNP Paribas2013/05
  7. 7. 1 32 4 Talk RatesAsk to L’Atelier AsiaPlease don’t hesitate to send an email to asia@mail.atelier.netLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  8. 8. 1 32 4 5LineLine StoryWhat can I do on LineLine Business ModelLine Rates2. BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  9. 9. 1 32 4 5Line Story2. 2011 2012 2013Mars 201123 June 2010Line is launch.November 201274 million usersdecembre2012100 million users WorlwideMay 2013150 million usersLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  10. 10. 1 32 4 5What can I do on Line2.• Text• VoIP• Group chat• Social timeline• Share photos/location/audio/videoCommon services :• Kawaii characters with own cartoon show &merchandising• Stickers• Games• Celebrity accounts• Use it from PC• Reaches one-third of the country’s mobile phoneusers• Available : English, Japanese, Chinese,Indonesian, Koran, Malay, Thai, Turkish,Vietnamese, Spanish.Special powers:LAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  11. 11. 1 32 4 5Line Business Model2. / Stamps ;Users can buy special emoji, called “stickers” thathave everything from teddy bears juggling eggplants,to bunnies with flames of anger in their eyes.Stickers were pulling in about 300 million yen or $3.75million per month in sticker sales in July 2012. Sincethen, numbers are certainly higher now.Mobile Games :“Line” us the Freemium and free-to-play business model, a model verypopular in the digital gaming industry.All of Line’s social games are free to play, but the large number of microtransactions for digital goods within games and premium emoticonsbecame the main drivers of Line’s 4Q12 revenues of $45m.Today, Line has only 24 games available, but they garnered more than100million downloadBrand Social Content :Line also has sponsored brand accounts where Coca-Cola can sign upfor accounts that users can befriend or follow. They can also sponsorpacks of stickers.LAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  12. 12. 1 32 4 5Line Rates2. to L’Atelier AsiaPlease don’t hesitate to send an email to asia@mail.atelier.netLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  13. 13. 1 32 4 5WeChatWeChat StoryWhat can I do on WeChatWeChat Business ModelWeChat Rates3. BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  14. 14. 1 32 4 5WeChat Story3. 2012 2013Release of WeixinJanuary 2011October 2011International languagesupport added.April 2012Rebranded as WechatJanuary 2012… Futur… Gaming Plateform… Mobile payments… Paid Publishing/Subscriptions200 millions usersSeptember 2011300 million users Worldwide100 million usersFebruary2012LAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  15. 15. 1 32 4 5What can I do on WeChat3.• Text• VoIP• HD video chatting• Group chats• Send audio/photos/location• Walkie-talkie mode• Live group chatCommon services :Special powers:• Emoji/stickers• Photo wall• Locate nearby/other WeChat users who are also lookingto connect• Leave audio messages for strangers to pick up• Official accounts• Desktop client• Open API• Gaming platform in the works• Facebook connect LAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  16. 16. 1 32 4 5WeChat Business Model3. Plateform incomingPayment integration - mCommerceCRM :Connect Brand’s CRM system with Brand’s Wechat Members CRM: save andperform CRM operations costs. Post “rich media” content + adapt to Wechatcorporate communications : video, photo, text messagesGive to each Member an ID card with serial number, this ID Card will refers to acustomer profile and purchasing/sharing behaviorSpecific Wechat user can be identified and selected regarding location,background, purchases, etc…Online to Offline (O2O) :Drive Wechat Members to Brand Ecommerce Website: increase registrations, conversions, andsalesDrive Wechat Members to retail store by using the geolocalization, QR Code, promotionLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  17. 17. 1 32 4 5WeChat Rates3. to L’Atelier AsiaPlease don’t hesitate to send an email to asia@mail.atelier.netLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  18. 18. 1 32 4 5InstantMessaging :globalOverview
  19. 19. • Launch in 2008 from Netherlands, moved itsheadquarters in India in mid-2011• 100 million users• 180,000 new registrations per day• Used in more than 200 countries worldwide• Available on Android, Symbian, iPhone, iPod touch,J2ME, Windows and Mac desktop computers.• Every fourth mobile user in India is a Nimbuzz user.• Nimbuzz comes pre-installed in more than 210number of handsets in India and is partnered almostall the local and international OEMs• Nimbuzz won the best mobile IM award for 2011and the Best Nokia and Android app of the yearaward @The Mobies in Dubai. - 2012Nimbuzz :1 32 4 5Instant Messaging in Asia
  20. 20. 1 32 4 5•From Japan• Released: October 2012• Users: ~5 million• Created by social gaming platform DeNa,• The only one in this list that sports a left hand side tab bar,similar to the Facebook mobile app.Comm :•From Taiwan.• Released: March 2012• Users: ~5 million• Centers its chat experience around allowing users to drawpictures (and to add text bubbles to those pictures) and sendanimated GIFs• Recently added a Snapchat/Facebook Poke-like feature,allowing users to send messages that disappear within 10seconds.• Recently raised funding and joined 500 Startups’ incubationprogram.Cubie :Instant Messaging in Asia
  21. 21. 1 32 4 5• From South Korea.• Released: November 2011• Users: 2 million+• Also allows users to create albums together, write cute notesto each other, and remember events like anniversariestogether.• Between recently raised nearly $3 million in funding.Between :•From the Philippines• Released: October 2010• Users: 500,000+• Currently sitting in 28th position in the Apple App Store in thesocial networking category• The app doesn’t have any notable additions beyond thebasics.•And hasn’t grown much over the past three years.Chikka :Instant Messaging in Asia
  22. 22. 1 32 4 5• From Vietnam.• Released: August 2012• Users: 500,000+• Made by sVNG (formerly Vina Gaming)• At the top of the Vietnamese iOS App Store.• Allows users to send drawings natively in the app,• Allows users to play a Vietnamese version of Draw Something.• Got animated stickers with sound like KakaoTalk, featuredmainly for Lunar New Year.• Allows users to find new friends within a five kilometer radius.Zalo :• From Japan (only available in Australia, New Zealand, andIndia)• Released: February 2013• Users: 50,000+• The Japanese game platform juggernaut is stepping up itsgame by entering the chat app arena. It’s too soon to tell withthe numbers, and the app only carries the basic features fornow, but it’s bound to start integrating with the backing ofGREE’s many game developers and designers.GREE Messenger :Instant Messaging in AsiaLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  23. 23. • From South Africa• Released: 2007• Users: 50 million users• Largest Mobile Network in Africa• Runs on multiple mobile and computing plateforms• Can connect to Yahoo, Icq, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM,Windows Live Messenger• Malaysia, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States,Nigeria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and SpainMxit :1 32 4 5Instant Messaging : GlobalOverview• From USA• Released: 2009• Users: ~280 million users• Supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia/Symbian, andWindows Phone• $0.99 (iOS), free 7 month trial, then $0.99 pr year• Text chat• Group chat• Status messages• Voice messages• Broadcast messages• File transfers/MMS (images, video and audio)• Sharing locationWhat’s AppLAtelier BNP Paribas - 2013/05
  24. 24. • From USA• Released: August 2009• Users:• Since december 2012, ability to use Facebook Messengerwithout a Facebook account by using a name and phonenumber• Runs on multiple mobile and computing plateforms• Free calls, free textingFacebook Messenger1 32 4 5Instant Messaging : GlobalOverview
  25. 25. Company Kakao NHN WhatsApp TencentCountry Korea Korea U.S. ChinaDate of launch March 2010 June 2011 May 2009 January 2011Nb of users 90 million 150 million 200 million 320 millionGeographicalreach:Global Global Global GlobalMain Markets South Korea Japan US, Europe China, SoutheastAsiaLanguagessupported:13 12 23 15Latest reportedrevenues:$45Million in 2012 $59million in Q1in 2012About $100Million annuallyNone YetComparison1 32 4 5LAtelier BNP Paribas2013/05
  26. 26. L’Atelier Management Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd.Cloud Nine Plaza, 9/F1118, West Yanan Road | 200052 Shanghai | ChinaT 86 21 62 81 85 33 | |