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Angry Birds flying into Tmall to setup online store


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In Feb 2012, Angry Birds, leading casual game in the world, started its online flagship store on Taobao Mall. Angry Birds already achieved wonderful success in China, its second biggest overseas market, with 100 million downloads so far.

The online store currently offers consumers games and more than 30 special merchandises (i.e. phone case, cushion, T-shirt), price ranging from RMB 9 to RMB 299. Promotion campaigns are there as well.

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Other focuses in this issue:
- A must glance of latest cnnic report
- Striking size of china online shopping with B2C as locomotive
- Review of key B2C players in 2011
- B2C queen 360Buy's burning ambitions
- Angry birds getting happier on taobao mall

This report is issued by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

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Angry Birds flying into Tmall to setup online store

  1. 1. e-Commerce Insider I FebruaryAngry Birds flying into Tmall tosetup online store
  2. 2. Article from e-Commerce Insider, the monthly report monitoring market trends in China China is our Yes, dude! And I second largest really want to set overseas up 600 chain stores market, with there in the next 3 100 million years… downloads Get the full report Attention please: I am the pirated Since e-commerce is cool, then let us Angry Birds, thn firstly set up an online store in its and I have biggest B2C platform Taobao Mall; a many buddies warm-up try-out on Taobao, and my i- phone case only costs RMB19.91… 1) Cookie RMB 128 Purchases: 294 Products range Prices from RMB 9 to RMB 299 Top sellers on the mall 2) T-shirt for man RMB 88 Purchases: 207 3) T-shirt for woman RMB88 Purchases: 206 As for the games, during Valentine’s 4) i-phone case white RMB 138 promotion, for every purchase above Purchases: 147 RMB 99, the online store gave out free activation code for downloading 5) i-phone case black RMB 138 Purchases: 141
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