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Product Driven Engineering & Engineer Driven Product at Taxify


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Taxify uses data-driven prioritization and high level of business awareness among engineers to improve teams efficiency and product quality. At the same time, it focuses on the hiring the best talent to effectively drive improvements in architecture, infrastructure, design and code quality and keep incredible growth, while not trading long-term value for short-term gains. In this talk, Julia will shed light on business and engineering aspects of Taxify.

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Product Driven Engineering & Engineer Driven Product at Taxify

  1. 1. Product Driven Engineering & Engineer Driven Product at Taxify September 2017 Julia Kramarenko
  2. 2. Founded by 3 Estonians in 2013 Markus Villig Founder & CEO Best Young Entrepreneur of Estonia 2016 (23) Oliver Leisalu Founder & CTO MSCS & 10 years tech experience Martin Villig Expansion Manager Manager at Skype and Fortumo Who?
  3. 3. What do we do? Our motto: Become the best way to move in cities!
  4. 4. 830 Million Hours Wasted People commute 30 minutes a day. Most of that time is unproductive.
  5. 5. Millions of Parking Spaces 30% of global CO2 from transport.
  6. 6. Product obsession - Visibility, motivation - How business is doing? - What is our strategy for the week/month? - CEO answers questions - Market overview, KPIs - Maintain company culture - What other folks are doing? - Why do we keep doing this? Weekly all hands meeting:
  7. 7. Data driven - KPIs and statistics
  8. 8. How do we build our product? - Use ready, mature solutions instead of writing your own bicycle. - Never trade long term benefit for a short term gains - Design reviews - Constantly improve your infrastructure - Maintain code quality - Strong leadership, ownership and independence drives collaboration
  9. 9. What are we building? Android Client Android Driver App iPhone Client iPhone Driver App Dispatcher Dashboard VOIP integrations ... Taxi company Dashboard Windows Phone client Admin Web app client Driver portal HTTPS protocol Controller Business layer Database Other services and apps Microservice
  10. 10. Monitoring!
  11. 11. Payments & Fraud prevention Add a card once Pay after each ride
  12. 12. Relationship graph 7 users 4 phones
  13. 13. Upfront payments Why? - Better user experience - More stable, predictable revenue for drivers -> happier drivers - Significant fraud risk reduction How? - Implement estimations first - Analyse data - Prepare payments system
  14. 14. Hire great engineers! - Technical skills - Focus on leadership skills - Product and customer obsession - Motivation - International teams win - hire globally.
  15. 15. Thank you! Questions?