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Facilitating the Zoo in Your Head, or How to Get Things Done


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The fundamentals of time and task management are well known to everybody. Still majority of us does not succeed in managing tasks, deadlines and schedules in the long run. Why personal efficiency methods are not working? How to make them working for you? How does our brain maintain the activities, wishes and emotions we have? What you should do in order to overcome the procrastination? Speaker will provide her answers to these questions, as well as share her life hacks.

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Facilitating the Zoo in Your Head, or How to Get Things Done

  1. 1. Facilitating the Zoo in Your Head or How to Get Things Done by Ljubov Bežan
  2. 2. Who & Why? Current: - Engagement Director @Idea Port Riga Past: - Product owner for personal efficiency app - 15 years in Swedbank (branch employee -> CRM IT development manager for Baltic States) - Proven track/trekk ;) in multitasking
  3. 3. Maxim Dorofeev
  4. 4. Personal efficiency methods  Why the methods do not work?  The zoo in our heads  Personal lessons learned What will we talk today about?
  5. 5. I’ve always wanted to make a brilliant speech. In the past.
  6. 6. Good intentions
  7. 7. Tim Urban and His Model Check also the Ted Talk “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”
  8. 8. Rational Decision Maker (the Owl)
  9. 9. Instant Gratification Monkey
  10. 10. Monkey: Easy & Fun - Does not remember the past - Does not care of the future - Wants pleasure here and now
  11. 11. The Panic Monster AAAAAAA!!! You gonna miss the deadline!
  12. 12. aaa! Все пропало! aaa! We miss the deadline!
  13. 13. Find the Monkey!
  14. 14. Who has the wheel?
  15. 15. The Zoo in Our Heads
  16. 16. Both your rational Owl and your instant gratification Monkey work for you using the power of the Panic Monster and Emotions & Feelings (aka motivation) How to Facilitate the Zoo?
  17. 17. • Use common sense and standard approaches like GTD, time management, planning principles • Analyze the consequences in case of ignoring the task – no consequences -> no action – set alarms on milestones – add external pressure ;) • Find your tribe Activities with Deadlines
  18. 18. • The hardest part • Listen to your heart • Is it what you want or what others want you to do/to be? Wishes & Dreams
  19. 19. My teachers and lessons learned
  20. 20. Lesson 1: Discipline
  21. 21. Lesson 2: Concentration
  22. 22. Lesson 3: Flexibility
  23. 23. Check also: - Tim Urban Ted Talk - Micromiles club ( - Maxim Dorofeev (RU) Thank you!