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Csc overview.resume

  1. 1. Career ServicesOverview andResume Writing Career Services Center University of Delaware
  3. 3. Services for Students Blue Hen Careers  Full-time, part-time, on-campus, internships and summer job postings  Access to events calendar  Schedule individual career appointments Career Workshops Employer and Alumni Networking Events Resume Reviews/Mock Interviews Major Resource Kits
  4. 4. Career Workshops Resume and Cover Letter Writing Interview Preparation Job Search Strategies Internship/Summer Job Search Blue Hen Careers Orientation Developing a 30-Second Commercial Dining Etiquette How to Develop a Professional Image Salary Negotiation International Students and Careers
  5. 5. Employers Rank Skills! Skills and qualities employers are seeking in Class of 2013 Verbal communication skills  Analytical skills – 4.30 - 4.63  Technical skills – 3.99 Teamwork - 4.6  Computer software – 3.95 Problem solving - 4.51  Written communication – Plan, organize and prioritize 3.56 work - 4.46  Sell and influence others - Obtain and process 3.55 information - 4.43 According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers
  7. 7. What Is Included? Required information  Contact information  Education  Experience – Paid and unpaid  Activities Optional Information  Job Objective  Computer Skills  Course work  Languages  Honors and awards  Travel
  8. 8. The Job Objective A focus for the resume Short and to the point Is optional, but employers prefer one Use different resumes for different objectives Sample Objectives:  To obtain a full-time position in marketing or sales  Seeking a human services internship focusing on adolescents  An entry level position in financial services
  9. 9. Your education  State your degree, institution, location, and date of graduation  List minors, GPA (if appropriate), coursework and study abroad  List coursework when it is unique
  10. 10. Education Sample Bachelor of Science in Marketing, University of Delaware, Newark, DE May 2013.  Minor: Economics  Overall GPA: 2.9 Major GPA: 3.2  Study Abroad: London, Economics Program, Winter 2012  Related Courses: List course name
  11. 11. Your Experience  Can include paid as well as intern or volunteer positions  May be in one section or two (Related Experience and/or Other Experience)  List Job title, Organization, Location, and Date  Identify key responsibilities in order of priority  Use action words as descriptors
  12. 12. Job Sample  Blue Hen Ambassador, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, Sept. 2011-present  Promote the university to prospective students and parents.  Develop recruitment programs with the assistance of the admissions staff.  Participate on student panels and discussions.  Assist in the processing of student applications.
  13. 13. Skills Section  May include:  Computer skills- think about what software, etc you know how to use  Language skills  Writing or public speaking skills  Special equipment  Certifications
  14. 14. Honors/Awards and Activities Honors/Awards Section:  Multiple honors/awards should be in a special category, single awards under education  Include dates where appropriate  Explanations may be needed for clarification  May include: scholarships, Dean’s List, Honorary Societies, Athletic awards, Academic awards, Community Service Activities Section:  Clubs and social organizations  Professional associations  Recreational organizations  Special interests  Include leadership roles!
  15. 15. What Is Excluded? Irrelevant personal information Sex, religion, birth date Salary expectations Photograph List of references  Preparea separate sheet with names, titles, employer name, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  Make sure you ask first! Inaccurate or negative information
  16. 16. Layout and Appearance  Attractive and easy to read  Do not use templates as they are difficult to edit and can cause problems when scanning or faxing  Be concise - one page for new graduates!  Be careful - no errors!  Avoid ornate fonts, use 11/12 font sizes  Margins should not be less than .75 on each side  Do not fold, staple or mutilate!  Use paper of a neutral color - white, gray or beige!
  17. 17. Resume Language  Is crisp, expressive, and succinct!  Avoid personal pronouns  Avoid unnecessary phrases  Use parallel grammatical structures and consistent verb tenses  Use action verbs to create a vivid picture of your skills and accomplishments!  Created  Scheduled  Organized  Tutored  Collected
  18. 18. Contact Information Lerner College Career Services Center 113 Lerner Hall 302-831-3160 Main Career Services Center 401 Academy Street 302-831-2392 Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest!