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Mobile in Travel


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A quick, hand-drawn view of opportunities for mobile devices in the travel industry, from labs.

Presented at the Travel Technology Initiative's Summer Forum by Marko Balabanovic.

Published in: Technology, Travel
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Mobile in Travel

  1. 1. Mobile in travel Marko Balabanovic labs
  2. 2. Mobile in travel
  3. 3. Where shall we go?
  4. 4. I got this great offer
  5. 5. Our flight’s been delayed
  6. 6. Here’s my ticket
  7. 7. I’m bored
  8. 8. Which way to the hotel?
  9. 9. What shall we do?
  10. 10. What’s that?
  11. 11. Where am I?
  12. 12. Can we still get tickets?
  13. 13. When’s the next train?
  14. 14. This place is rubbish
  15. 15. Where did I park the car?
  16. 16. Foreign Office advises you to leave
  17. 17. Do you remember that trip?
  18. 18. Early adopters and laggards
  19. 19. Devices for travellers location more important used in more contexts evolving faster
  20. 20. When I go on holiday, the most Entertainment should important thing for be about learning new me is to experience things as much as the authentic culture simply having ‘fun.’ of a place. Every effort should be made to prevent the disappearance of regional and local differences in, say food and dialects
  21. 21. Trends Novelty Instant Connected Booking Recommendations Authenticity Immersive Previews
  22. 22. three examples I got this What shall we Can we still get great offer do? a booking? COM IN SOO G N
  23. 23. snaffle
  24. 24. topsee
  25. 25. summary • Travel booking is a single piece of the puzzle • There’s opportunities throughout the journey • During that journey people will spend much longer on mobile than desktop web • This will lead to new behaviours, business models and disruptions • For some customers this world is already here
  26. 26. thanks astminu e labs.l oad topse downl Apple download nru Android Visit