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Quality control


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Quality control

  1. 1. Quality control(a) Briefly explain how the quality improvement helps to grow a production or service organization. What is quality? Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of customers 1. Increase customer loyalty with that product or service organization Customers come again and repeat purchases again Customers recommend the product or service to others. Some customer after purchases if it has good quality he give good comments about it with his friend. It is big help to growing to business. 2. Can build up good and strong brand reputation for quality if Any company has good brand reputation they can easily can increase them sells. Example: - Sony Company has god brand reputation for quality than other electric equipment companies. Because they doing lot of quality improvements for them product. 3. Retailers want to stock the product Retailers are going to make stock mean production company can make big sales. It helps growing them business. Because they can do lot of investment form them money. 1 Lasitha nawarathna
  2. 2. Quality control 4. Any product or service has done quality improvements they perceived to be better value for money. It may commend a best price and will become price increase. But customers purchase it because they think higher quality of that product. Examples:- We can buy Benz car more than 20 million But we can buy Toyota car 5 millions .but some customs going to buy Benz car. Because they Benz product has better value for money and that brand also has higher value for money 5. quality improvement help to make profitable business. Product or service has good quality improvements mean they have good market sale and market share and higher productivity/ efficiency and low production cost. That mean after the quality improvement processes any company can earn lot of profit. as 6. higher the job security ,higher the job satisfaction Now we know quality improvement help to make profitable business. The part of profit goes All the employees of that company. Increase them bonus and they have lot of benefits those things help increase to job satisfaction and job security.2 Lasitha nawarathna
  3. 3. Quality control(b) As a manufacture, how could you achieve a good quality product through its design and production phases What is quality of design? Measure of how will be designed in product/ service to achieve the required product Product or service organization mainly follows two important quality concepts Quality of designs Quality of conformance to design 1. Quality of designs Product or service organization measure how will be designed in product or service to achieve the required product How to achieve quality product though its design? I. Normally designer collect data’s though the markets researches. Researches gave data’s about obtain customers needs and what available now in the market. Now designer can decide the best method. If any product service can full fill customers requirements they can achieve higher sell and can billed higher brand reputation. II. Before decide final design designer have to consider man capacities of plant, technologies are available. III. Now designer decide actual specifications. Following factors :- 1. Aesthetic characteristics 2. Performance characteristics 3. Obligatory regulations characteristics 4. environment factors important 2. Quality of conformance to design Measures in what extent the product/service match with the design and customer actually receives should confirm to the design. Some time can depend on number of variables 3 Lasitha nawarathna
  4. 4. Quality control02. (a) Explain why collective application of quality inspection, quality control and qualityassurance need to ensure a good quality product or serviceQuality inspection Inspection methods 1. Final inspection 2. Final and fixed intermediate Check 100% 3. Final and faxable intermittent inspection Check only 4. Patrol inspection samples 5. Centralized inspectionAdvantages and purpose of Quality inspection:- To detect poor quality products and separate them from acceptable quality products and scrap, rework and sell them as second quality In this Quality inspection process we can identified defect. Don’t give any feed back to production process. After the inspected get a decision made whether accept or reject Disadvantages:- 1. Late detection of defects, 2. Higher cost of defective work 3. poor access to production supervision 4. scrap quantity higher Due this disadvantages Quality inspection not enough to maintain higher quality of the product. 4 Lasitha nawarathna
  5. 5. Quality controlQuality control Main part of quality control:- Is quality inspection where the product was checked to ensure that it meet the customer requirements Quality control a process for maintain standards and not for creating standards Not like inspection gave the feed back to process to control / adjusts to minimize defects in future production .this is main advantage of quality control. Other advantages:- to increase the profit of business to enable to complete successfully to enable to reduce cost of production Disadvantages:- Defect detect after the manufacturing Higher manufacturing cost Needing more man power to maintain quality Quality assurance Improving and stabilizing production and associated process to avoid or at least minimize. Issues that led to the defects in the first place (before begin the production) Related to systems and not to a product as in quality control 5 Lasitha nawarathna
  6. 6. Quality control Quality assurance focus on Quality manuals Systems certification Quality cost Documentation Now we can understand quality inspection or quality control or quality assurance not enough to maintain to quality of product we want collective application of this three concepts. This collective application has lot of advantages of inspection, quality control and quality assurance process chart of higher quality processBefore production Process of production Final productsMake quality manuals Maintain quality Final Inspection standards Identify defectsSystems certification In process Inspection Give feed back Quality inspection Higher quality products Quality control 6 Lasitha nawarathna Quality assurance
  7. 7. Quality control(b) What is ISO 9000 standard ? explain why ISO 9000 certification essential to obtain for any production or service organization The ISO 9000 family of standards represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. It consists of standards and guidelines relating to quality management systems and related supporting standard ISO 9000 is a standard for a quality SYSTEMS not for product Why ISO 9000 certification essential to obtain for any production or service organization 1. increase customer satisfaction and retention if any products has ISO 9000.that mean that products product by under the ISO standards. Customers can purchases it without any afraid. 2. Create a more efficient, efficientive oparations 3. Enhance marketing 4. Improve employee motivation, awareness and morale 5. Promote internal trade 6. Increase profite 7. Reduce wastage and increase productivity 7 Lasitha nawarathna
  8. 8. Quality control 03. (a) What do you understand by “quality cost” ? Total costs incur to ensure that product/ service provides conformation to the customer requirement. Quality cost =Inspection cost +testing cost +quality standard maintain cost+ process control cost+ defect rejection costs This all costs go to quality costs. but we can category this cost under this factors Quality cost categories Cost of control (cost of cost of failure of conformance) controlPrevention cost Apprasist cost Internal failure cost External failure costIncludes the cost of any Cost needed to Cost incur prior to theaction taken to investing Incur after transfer discover the quality delivery to customerquality defects of ownership to the level during 1.Scrap customer 1. Process control production 2. Rework and repair 2. training quality 1.Replacement of 1.Inspection R.M 3.cost of wastage personnel defect products 2. In process time 3. design review 2.complains inspection 3. Quality audits 8 Lasitha nawarathna
  9. 9. Quality control(b) A garment manufacturer has collected the following quality cost data. assign the to thefourcost categories and present your finding as a percentage of total the cost type of quality cost cost in rupees PC AC IF EF scrap 75000 75000 rework and repair 80000 80000 final inspection 65000 65000 returned garments 55000 55000 in-process inspection 35000 35000 raw matrials inspection 25000 25000 retesting 30000 30000 quality planing 20000 20000 quality systems audite 20000 20000 quality improvement programme 55000 55000 quality training 15000 15000 total 475000 90000 145000 185000 55000 perecentage 18.9473684 30.5263158 38.9473684 11.578947 9 Lasitha nawarathna
  10. 10. Quality control4. Quality control department following defect at various sections of a garment factory 1. In pattern making section : some pattern of size 12 ,14 and 18 mixed Resent= Didn’t pest or didn’t named part name pattern sizes like that information To avoid =Pest label to each parts include this details (part name ,pattern size ) 2. In marker making : marker width is larger than average fabric roll width Resent = didn’t measure fabric average width before make maker To avoid = Must check the fabric width before make marker 3. Spreading section: larger cut garment panels than actual size Resent = fabric spread in low tension To avoid= Maintain proper and correct tension in spreading 4. Sewing section: skip stitches found with top stitching of shit pockets Resent=due to hook irregular fails to pick up the loop tread To avoid= use correct hook points without any damage , Feed machine in proper thread loop formation 10 Lasitha nawarathna