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North american foods inc


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Company Presentation

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North american foods inc

  1. 1. NORTH AMERICAN FOODS INC. “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Live Longer”
  2. 2. Our Company Statement At Private Label Foods, our goal is to provide consistent high quality services and safe high quality products to our customers while maintaining a safe healthy workplace for our employees. We realize we must continually improve our processes and services to meet the requirements of our customers in the ever changing marketplace Our goal can only be achieved through strong relationships with our suppliers and customers and the tireless efforts of our dedicated employees
  3. 3. About usWorldwide manufacturer and distributor of sauces as well as provider of customprivate label solutions. NORAMFOODS has been manufacturing, co-packing, andoffering services since 2005NORAMFOODS is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of quality privatelabel foods, including salad dressings, marinades, bbq sauces, pastasauces, salsa, wing sauces, hot sauces and Ketchups. NORAM Foodscontinues to maintain its strength and tradition of supplying quality products to allour customers.
  4. 4.  NORAM Foods Services: Co-Packing - Formulate, bottle and label sauce recipes to your specifications Private Label - Produce custom private label sauces for your business Club Packing - Provide tray packing and multi-bottle shrink-wrap packaging services Food Services - Packaging services for the foodservice industry and warehouse storage Consulting Services - New recipe formulation, custom recipe blending, label design, and logistics
  5. 5. Consulting Service:Recipe Research & Development As an industry leader in sauces, marinades, salad dressings and condiments manufacturing, NORAMFoods can support new recipe research and development. Our food consulting service includes recipe formulation, custom recipe blending, label design, and logistics. Our food consulting and product development services are available for foodservice, restaurant, and industrial clients. Co-Packing: Custom Recipe Blending to Your Specifications Through our co-packing service we will take your recipe and formulate, bottle, and label it to your specifications. If we don’t stock the desired container we can purchase the necessary change parts. This cost can be amortized over a specified number of case. Our customer are responsible for providing all label artwork.
  6. 6.  Tomato Ketchup: • Consistently excellent product and custom flavor profile will please your customers • Full line PET bottle program • Custom pallet program available • Our dedicated people are the most important ingredient of our success
  7. 7. Manufacturing Facility The manufacturing facility is 125,000 square feet. There are two production lines available. The products are batch produced and cooked with steam-jacketed kettles and then filled, capped, cooled down, labeled and packaged in state-of-the-art equipment. Space is available for product warehousing at a reasonable cost.NORAM Foods Produces Pasta Sauce Barbecue Sauce Hot Sauce Ketchup Mustards Marinades Salad Dressings Salsa Sweet & Sour Sauces Tomato Ketchup
  8. 8. Services Hot & cold filling Custom recipe blending Recipe specific processing PLF created original recipes Retail, food service and price club packaging Tamper evident sealing Foil induction sealing Round glass containers in 5,12, 16 & 26 oz PET containers in 10 and 17.5 oz & 1 liter Flexible packaging available in 64 oz and 96 oz (number 10 can equivalent) Food service plastics in 64 oz, 4/1 gallon round HDPE and 4/1 gallon F-style Polypropylene Bulk containers in 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums & 275 gallon totes
  9. 9. Experience Unmatched customer service and satisfaction Complete confidentiality Proven track record Management team has over 50 years combined food production experience Formulation R&D Assistance with compliance : FDA Labeling Guidelines UPC Codes Laboratory Services Nutritional Analysis Recommendations for : Label designers & printers Tamper seal manufacturers Freight handling companiesSafety Quality control program In-house testing Consultant lab analysis Licensed & inspected by NYS Department of Agriculture and FDA OSHA based plant safety
  10. 10. NORTH AMERICAN FOODS INC. 5 East 67th St. , New York, 10065 , USA Email: