Your Own Competitors Can Give You Backlink LOVE!


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How to use your competitors to get backlinks from them!

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Your Own Competitors Can Give You Backlink LOVE!

  1. 1. Your Own Competitors Can Give YouBacklink LOVE!Two ways for your competitors to give YOU backlinks!Number One:First thing I do when I’m starting SEO for a new keyword is to get backlinks from the websitesranked on first page! Therefore the competitors…Let’s say you want to rank for meditation techniquesType it in and look at the top ten results. Now try to get a backlink from each one ofthem. Can you leave a comment on their blog? Have the got a forum? Are they exchanging links?Maybe they allow article submissions!If you can get more than one backlink it’s even better, if they have a forum usually I signup and postaround 5-10 posts. Of course not spamming one word replies but longer posts that actually makesense.Remember to use keywords properly in anchor text when getting backlinks, you can read thetechniques to do that on my website: “WARNING: Do Not Get Another Backlink Until You Read This!”If you can’t get a link from those ranked first page then don’t worry!Number Two:Another very powerful technique is to get backlinks from the same websites that link to yourcompetition. You can use a tool like: It won’t list ALL websites that link to your competitors but almost all ofthem.The site can be a bit annoying it has popups but the tool does the job pretty well and it’s free!Type in the URL of competitor in the box, then click Check Backlinks button:
  2. 2. Then wait for the tool to finish, you’ll see a list of all websites that link to the competitor’s website.You want to visit those websites and try to get a backlink from those exact same websites.We use this technique because if Google is giving a #1 rank to your competitor for having thosebacklinks – then you might as well try to get the same backlinks like your competitor! It’s abouttrying to do something that already works instead of re inventing the wheel!Remember with backlinks it’s never time to say OK enough no more getting backlinks – you can’tstop getting backlinks until you get the desired ranking. Don’t say okey I think I have enoughbacklinks this should get me #1 rank. Don’t stop getting backlinks until you get top rankings!