Lame Marketing Tactics (but work!)


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Very powerful tactics, used a lot of time but they may look lame to you!

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Lame Marketing Tactics (but work!)

  1. 1. Lame Marketing Tactics (but work!)This guru, it’s funny I’ve claimed my FREE software, and he shipped it on CD!I get the CD, put it in PC, and CD has a shortcut to an online website… so just one html filein the CD linking to an online website! Basically he could have emailed me the websiteaddress or placed it in thankyou page – go figure I waited 2 weeks to get this CD lol.For the marketer it works although customers may find it lame, I personally didn’t bothermuch as long as the software worked fine! It works for him because he gave the customersomething to remember him! A CD, Book or something physical (not digital) the customerwon’t thrash it (like emails or digital files just by pressing DELETE)… so it’s very good tacticto give away something ‘physical’ instead of a free ebook, ecourse, mp3… Take me forexample his CD has been on my desk for very long, and certainly I will not dump it in thetrash! So I can’t really forget the marketer, he’s always on my desk!Very powerful tactic, used a lot of time plus you capture the physical address not just emailof the customer… which you can then use other tactics (like direct mail, etc)Another LAME tactic I saw also but which works great too is with the use of a CD also andthis marketer just like the other is highly successful. I don’t care what non-successfulmarketers do, I want to know what/how those successful do it, to try to “steal” theirideas/strategies/techniques!He gives you a FREE CD too (to get you on his list), but then the CD at least 30mins of the60mins contains his life story… he keeps on and on, from his childhood up to 30 years… butwhy? Because Stories Sell! That’s really true… so I learned from him that not everythingthat may seem lame is really lame…!I was thinking this is SO LAME but this guy is making a killing online so WHY?? The answer:stories sell!He does keep the promise he made that he’s going to share 7 tips on the CD, that’s veryimportant, you can’t trick customer – but he threw that rather lame long story…So try any of these tactics, I mean can you see they’re LAME anyone can do them, they’renot rocket science… and always track and try to get feedback/response from customers tosee whether they liked it or not that’s how you really know if it’s working or not. One way isto follow up with them via email and ASK: Did you get the CD, what you think about it,please let me know… and maybe link to a blog post where they can comment.J.S.