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Creating Killer Products In Highly Competive Niches!


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Don’t wait until you have the perfect idea for a product to create something. Build your first information product – then you can always modify it, update it, tweak it and change it.

Read this quick article to crank out cash pulling products with little effort!

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Creating Killer Products In Highly Competive Niches!

  1. 1. Creating Killer Products In HighlyCompetive Niches!Don’t wait until you have the perfect idea for a product to create something. Build yourfirst information product – then you can always modify it, update it, tweak it and change it.Ideas will start to flow when you put something out there. When you get feedback fromcustomers! Once you build your first product you can give it away for FREE on forums,or from your website just to see the comments and reaction about it – ! You can emailthe customers a survey to get feedback about how the product has helped them or not.Start cheap if you’re not sure!You can order very cheap graphics at first if you’re not 100% sure your product will sell likecrazy. You can grab these from or best place is:$15 bucks will have you an ecover for your product image. 3 Ways to Create a Product in a Competitive (or not) NicheThe idea to be successful in information marketing is to stand out from your competition.Look different and have products and/or services that are unique OR better!This is achieved in many ways, here’s a few:* Make it UniquePick a unique angle & approach for your product – give it your own unique personality, tiethe product around your own unique story. Stories sell! Create a unique story that yourcompetitors can never have something like it. That will hook the readers into you, your adswill stand out from the rest, you look DIFFERENT!If you have an ebook like all your competitors you’re giving your prospects an option, eitherbuy mine or my competitors.If your ebook has something unique from the competition then you’re giving them a reasonwhy to buy from you and not your competition.It’s all about making your product the choice they’ll choose!Examples:You’re writing this ebook because you have 10 years experience with cats. That could beunique factor if your competitors haven’t the same amount of experience.You’re a cat owner and fixed a health problem yourself after days and hours researching the
  2. 2. web for a solution. Now you’re writing everything you found out and all you know. Putpictures of your cute healthy cat, and there you have it a unique approach, with proof.Something totally different than your competitors!Remember your unique approach may not always come to you instantly, it may take youmonths to get the best idea for a story, angle and/or approach to be different and unique…keep looking for ideas!You can always change and tweak stuff around to make it better and improve. Nosuccessful business created their unique selling proposition in a matter of hours!* Make it BetterIf competitors have a cat ebook about general cat health issues and how to deal with them…you include Cd’s, DVD’s, audio or video, add more detail, give MORE to the customer, makeyour product look better!That’s pretty basic and it works.* More specific and thorough on a particular subjectThis is the third way to stand out from the rest and hence attract prospects to you like amagnet!So if they’re selling a how to cure your cat from health problems…You create an info-product on how to cure your cat from Compulsive Grooming. People likespecialized products. Now there’s probably much less competition for that product or therecould be none.Instead of selling an ebook on most common health problems and how to take care of themlike your competitor, you can have a series of 7 ebooks, all specific to one health problem.Add branding strategies to them, as well as special offers too to maximizeconversions and profit.Branding strategies can be: Use the same colour for all ebooks (and a very similar ebookcover for all).Special offers can be: Buy this book and get this one at a reduced price…OrBuy these 2 and get the one free…Keep also this in mind when you’re building your information business:Do something your prospects will LOVE that your competitors aren’t doing andthey’ll have no other choice but to come to you!Go take some action crank out your first one!
  3. 3. If I don’t put a damn smiley it’s not me.