4 Secrets To Write Killer Copy Fast!


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4 secrets anyone can use to become a pro copywriter - simple, powerful whether you're completely novice or not just apply these 4 techniques!

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4 Secrets To Write Killer Copy Fast!

  1. 1. 4 Secrets To Write Killer Copy Fast!Secret #1:Put effort in choosing the right words!The more time you take to select the perfect words to use in each sentence the better. Like Imentioned in previous posts I always have a thesaurus near me when writing copy… as wellas websites that contain idioms, similes, proverbs, etc.I also have Cash Copy In Seconds open especially the Power Words section… You can alsodownload an additional 1001 words that SELL from this link >> (It’s a simple .txt file)Leave these websites and files open while writing copy to aid you in selecting words.Here’s a sample of power words from the text file: permanently retired personalized pleasant accent pleasant sent pleasing sound pocket sized polished looked polished style popular portable postage free potential bargain potential benefitsRemember practice makes perfect, don’t expect to become a world class copywriterovernight, patience is key!Secret #2:Write in your handwriting successful salesletters!This is probably the easiest and it surely is the most powerful way to become a greatcopywriter. Find best selling products for instance from Clickbank – or find top copywriters(they should have a portfolio of past work or salesletters selling their ownproducts/services) and start copying down the salesletters.You can use your keyboard and a text editor (MsWord), or print the salesletter and use penand paper.You should also try to get inside the copywriter’s head.
  2. 2. q Why is he/she using these words?q Why did he/she start this salesletter in this manner?q How and when are they using images?STUDY it, get inside his/her head – what you’re doing is trying to find out what they’rethinking. The more salesletters you can write from the same copywriter the better – in factideally pick one copywriter and copy all his/her salesletters before moving to another one!This is the next best thing to downloading their brain into yours!Here are some great copywriters:Bob Bly:http://www.bly.com/newsite/Pages/portfolio.php#SALESLETTERSJoe Vitale:http://www.mrfire.com/hypnotic-products/ebooks.htmlRed hot copy:http://redhotcopy.com/redhot/store/Once again I recommend picking one copywriter you like most, and start copying all hissalesletters by hand or keyboard, and study them! (of course don’t publish/share what youcopy online)The more you do this exercise the better a copywriter you become!Secret #3:Increase the size of your swipe file!Nothing is more difficult then trying to build a salesletter from scratch, and nothing is morerisky. You don’t know the results it will produce. But if you have a swipe file full ofsuccessful salesletters & ads, etc then you can use those as models/templates. You buildupon something that already works and the chances of creating good copy increases.How do you build a swipe file?There are many ways to do this… I’d suggest you have a folder on your PC, name itCopywriting and put all copywriting related tools, etc in it. “Don’t agonize. Organize”. Florynce Kennedyq 17 salesletters templates: http://www.straightmoneytalker.com/salesletter-templates.htmlq 77 magnetic words: http://www.straightmoneytalker.com/77-magnetic-words.htmlq 57 headline templates: http://www.straightmoneytalker.com/57-headlines-to-swipe.htmlq 7823 words ending in ly (words ending with ly are “hypnotic”):
  3. 3. http://www.straightmoneytalker.com/ly-words.txtq 1001 words that sell: http://www.straightmoneytalker.com/1001wordsthatsell.txtq Cash Copy In Seconds contains hundreds more of headlines, subheadlines, openings, closes, bullets, PS’s, guarantees, copy connectors and power words!That’s already pretty good, but you can also build your swipe file yourself. You want to findbest-selling products such as best selling Amazon books, best-selling Clickbank products(sort by popularity).Remember this is NOT copying.You probably know about this book: “How To Win Friends and Influence People”It’s a best selling book, you can use it as a template: How To _____ and ______You can use it for a ebook/book title, headline, subheadline, blog post title, email subjectline, etc.“How To Write Salesletters and Ads”You can then spice it up a bit…“How To Write Killer Salesletters and Ads”or“How To Write World Class Salesletters and Ads!Secret #4:How Well You Know Your Niche Market and Your Prospects!When you know what they’re thinking and feeling, you can give them the best sales pitch! Ifyou’re trying to sell anything to someone YOU have to know who you’re selling to, to useappropriate words that influence him!Forums are a great way to learn about your prospects, because they reveal their problems,questions, etc, also yahoo answers, facebook groups, etc. That’s why it’s a competitiveadvantage to start a business in a niche you have experience in because you already knowwhat “buttons” to push to make your prospects buy, or subscribe.If you don’t understand why this is an advantage to writing high converting copy don’tworry! Start practicing Secret #2 and you’re start to understand how important all this is!If you want to write a salesletter to sell a cat guide to cat owners you might look like a fool ifyou have no clue about the niche! It’s like a German guy talking to a Russian guy in German,or an Italian guy talking to an English guy in Italian – you have to talk their language!There you have it, 4 ways to start writing world class copy!
  4. 4. Take action, start practicing and build a swipe file!Jack Sarlo