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Las Fotos Project Experimental Photography Workshop


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A summary of Las Fotos Project's Experimental Photography Workshop.

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Las Fotos Project Experimental Photography Workshop

  1. 1. Experimental Photography Workshop - Koreatown, CASUMMER 2012
  2. 2. In the summer of 2012, Las Fotos Project, in partnership withKoreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC), facilitatedan intensive 5-day experimental photography program witheleven girls from Koreatown and surrounding neighborhoods.Participants, girls ages 14-18, learned about alternativeprocessing techniques, combination printing, extremeexposures, and unusual filters.They also learned about the main experimental photography  elements of composition which included color, radical  perspective, distortion, and extreme cropping.  
  3. 3. Students used digital, 35mm film, Polaroid and experimentalcameras such as fisheye lenses and multiple lens cameras todocument the Koreatown community and their lives in theirrespective neighborhoods.They explored concepts such as self-perception, emotion, andidentity while creating collages and art pieces which reflectedthese themes.“Before this workshop, I had used my cell phone camera, butnever a real digital camera like the one Las Fotos Project let  us use. We even got to take photos with an old Polaroid  camera which was really fun. I knew what it was, but had neverseen one in real life.” - Alexandra, age 14“My favorite part of the workshop was being able to expressmy thoughts through my art and and photography. It was coolto include other photographs too, from the magazines,because I was able to create one large image thatrepresented what I felt.” - Jessica, age 15
  4. 4. The group worked together to create a zine which showcasestheir photographs and mixed media collages. They alsoexplored creative writing techniques which helped them tocreate poems and short stories for their work.Also included in the zine is an individual project in which theycombined copies of their photographs documenting theirneighborhood and community members, and images andwords pulled from magazines and newspapers. With thesematerials, they created large-scale works which give insightinto how they view themselves and the place they call home.    All work - the group zine and their individual collages - will beon display at the Las Fotos Project culminating studentphotography exhibit titled ESTE SOY YO. An openingreception will be held on Thursday, September 13 from6pm-10pm at (SUB) URBAN Home, 101 West 5th Street,9013.
  5. 5. LINKS/RESOURCES•  To purchase the Las Fotos Project experimental photography zine, visit•  To view images of the experimental photography workshop, CLICK HERE•  To view images of the experimental photography zine, CLICK HERE.•  To watch a clip of the experimental photography workshop, CLICK HERE.  Las Fotos Project is a nonprofit, community-based program  empowering young Latinas through photography, mentorship,and self-expression.