Super Bowl Symposium Presentation


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Hospital-based screening and education series championing health for former NFL athletes

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Super Bowl Symposium Presentation

  1. 1. A unique sponsorship opportunity for stakeholders in the healthcare field and medical marketplace (Presenter’s name and title) Date Hospital-Based Screening and Education Series Championing Health for Former NFL Athletes
  2. 2. • Founded in 2001, by former cardiac surgeon and NFL quarterback, Dr. Arthur “Archie” Roberts, in cooperation with the NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) and the NFL Player Care Foundation (NFLPCF), the health program grew • The LHF partners with hospitals around the country to hold free health screenings for former players who are more likely to have cardiovascular problems and other health issues associated with being overweight than smaller men in the general population What is the Living Heart Foundation?
  3. 3. • Foundation's Chairman and President • Columbia University graduate and noted cardiac surgeon • Former Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Boston University Medical Center • Published author of over 110 scientific journal and book articles • Ex-NFL Quarterback Dr. Arthur “Archie” Roberts’ Legacy
  4. 4. • Established in 2013, the HOPE (Heart, Obesity, Prevention & Education) Program extends the LHF’s screening programs for former NFL players to obesity education and research • The IRB-approved, comprehensive obesity research initiative is designed to promote healthy lifestyles and weight-management among former professional football players • After screening events, former players can elect to join in for a six-month series of IRB-approved educational and motivational Boot Camps to help them regain their health H.O.P.E. for Former NFL Players
  5. 5. • To commemorate the 2014 Super Bowl taking place at the MetLife Stadium, the LHF will organize hospital-based health screenings, research programs and clinical education sessions in at major hospitals around New York City for former NFL athletes • Screening events will lead up to Super Bowl XLVIII and focus on prevention and wellness • Sponsorship opportunities offer healthcare industry leaders access to hospital leadership, physicians and notable NFL athletes Super Bowl XLVIII Symposia NYC
  6. 6. H.O.P.E. Screening Events Screening Events Include the Following Exams: • ECG • Blood pressure • Diabetes • Cholesterol • Lung function • carotid artery blockage • PSA blood test • Sleep apnea screening • BMI/%Fat/Abdominal Girth • Sports Medicine • Neurologic
  7. 7. H.O.P.E. Boot Camp Research Studies • Performed under IRB guidance and guidance from medical personnel at the host hospital • Former players will track food intake, exercise and weight-loss during 6-month program (if chosen) • Participants attend 18 group sessions, focusing on skills and strategies for successful weight management • At conclusion of study, players who do not meet weight loss goals are counseled on potentially pursuing additional medical treatments, including bariatric surgery
  8. 8. Previous LHF Screening and H.O.P.E. Sites
  9. 9. Media from Events
  10. 10. H.O.P.E. Social Events • Celebratory evening events will be held during Super Bowl Week at the Malo Clinic with panoramic views overlooking MetLife Stadium, home to the 2014 Super Bowl • All sponsors, participating hospitals and former NFL athletes participating in the program are invited to attend* • The cocktail events will feature a raffle for Super Bowl tickets, access to sports memorabilia and other fun prizes
  11. 11. Sponsorship Opportunities • Unprecedented access to hospital leadership • Networking with top clinicians and administrators • Significant media interest • Opportunity to have product used during screenings • Didactic session allows for clinical data overviews • Distribution of marketing materials to former NFL athletes, hospital personnel and their families • Access to social events (Super Bowl pre-game party with raffle for Super Bowl tickets)
  12. 12. Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship monies will go to fund health programs for former NFL players in the areas of cardiovascular disease, obesity and neurological disorders $50,000 $25,000 $10,000
  13. 13. H.O.P.E. Industry Sponsorship Packages Dr. Archie Roberts available to speak at internal company events, present at medical meetings X Host hospital faculty available to advise and provide feedback in key areas (cardio, obesity, neurology, orthopedics/sports science) X Opportunity to conduct small trial using former NFL athletes participating in study* X Top billing on all signage, collateral and giveaways X Inclusion in host hospital/LHF media materials X Access to KOLs at hospital X X Option to have medical products used during screening (if logistically and clinically appropriate) X X X Company logo inclusion on all signage, collateral and giveaways X X X Opportunity to present your product at LHF host hospitals across the country X X X Access to Dr. Archie Roberts and select players for use in company PR and marketing collateral related to the HOPE program X X X Tickets to networking sessions, breakfast and lunch sessions and social events 20 tickets 10 tickets 4 tickets Seven-minute, topline clinical data presentation during didactic session X X X *Gold-level sponsors responsible for designing study protocol and obtaining pilot evaluation through the host hospital. Participation in study is up to the discretion of the former players, as with any clinical trial.
  14. 14. A unique sponsorship opportunity for stakeholders in the healthcare field and medical marketplace (Presenter’s name and title) Date Thank You!