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Swollen Gum Treatment in Bangalore | Labial Frenectomy India


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Labial frenectomy is done for rectifying the problems in movement of gum glands. Dental Solutions Bangalore provides effective treatments for gum problems.

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Swollen Gum Treatment in Bangalore | Labial Frenectomy India

  1. 1. Healthy Gum is Healthy Life
  2. 2. Frenectomy is the process of surgical excision of frenum. It can be done through laser technique.
  3. 3. A frenum is a fold of tissue in the mouth. Frenums are found between the upper two front teeth, under the tongue, and on the sides of the gums. A frenectomy is a procedure to remove one of these folds of tissue.
  4. 4. The amount of bleeding is seen to be much less. The dosage of anesthesia required is significantly reduced. Faster healing time. The laser beam also sterilizes the area, thereby increasing the resistance to infections. Laser Assisted Frenectomy
  5. 5. Swollen Gums Treatment in Bangalore