Somerville City Hall Annex Evacuation Plan


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An Evaucation Plan I developed for the Somerville\'s City Hall Annex.

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Somerville City Hall Annex Evacuation Plan

  1. 1. SOMEVILLE CITY HALL ANNEX EVACUATION PLANPURPOSE: This Evacuation Plan is designed to inform and direct Somerville City HallAnnex employees and visitors in the event of a fire or other emergencies.STATEMENT OF POLICY: An evacuation plan has been established for Somerville’sCity Hall Annex to protect employees and visitors of the building. This plan should beimplemented in case of a fire or other emergency. All employees should be familiar withand maintain an updated copy of this plan and its procedures in order to respond properlyand efficiently during the event of an emergency situation.Safety Directors: First Floor Safety Director: Paulette Renault-Caragianes Ext. 4310 Second Floor Safety Director: Michael Hogan Ext.FIRE SAFETYMaintenanceAll fire hazards should be eliminated. Keep all exits, doorways, hallways and stairwellsclear of all obstructions which might impede escape routes. Accumulation of trash ordebris of any type is a hazard and an unsafe condition.Fire Alarms and ExtinguishersThere are four fire alarm pulls and extinguishers in the building. On the first floor, thereare two fire alarm pulls and two extinguishers located in the center of the building; oneon the Northwest wall and another on the Southeast wall. On the second floor, two firealarms and two extinguishers are located in the center of the building; one on theNorthwest wall and the other on the Southwest wall.Fire EvacuationIf the case of a fire in the building follow these instructions: o If not already activated, pull the fire alarm and call 911 o Always remember to stay CALM during an emergency o Follow the Safety Directors instructions o Prepare and evacuate the building by WALKING to the nearest exit o Close all doors as you leave to help contain the fire o Check all doors for heat before opening them o DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR; proceed to the nearest stairwell to exit the building o Assist visitors in the building
  2. 2. o After exiting the building, proceed across the street to the Winter Hill Community School’s basketball court on the corner of Thurston Street and Evergreen Street o Stay clear of the building and remain on the basketball court until you receive further instructions from the Safety Directors o Do not re-enter the building until you are instructed that it is safeHandicapped and special needs personnel o Arrangements for handicapped and special needs personnel evacuation assistance will be coordinated by the Safety Director o Safety Director will keep a confidential list of handicapped and special needs personnelThings to keep in mind during a fire o If you are evacuating a floor that is filled with smoke, stay low to the ground and use a wet cloth (if available) to cover you mouth and nose o Portable fire extinguishers are available on the first and second floor to confine, control, and extinguish a fire. Do not use a fire extinguisher unless you have been properly trainedOTHER EMERGENCIESSevere WeatherDuring a tornado, severe thunderstorm or other severe weather conditions, follow thesesteps: o Upon notification (from the radio, Police, dispatch, etc.) of approaching severe weather ensure that other employees and visitors in the building are alerted. o Assist any handicapped or special needs personnel o Safety Directors should ensure that all department offices are secure before leaving the area o Proceed to the stairwell in the back of the building and walk down to the basement. o Remain in the basement until further instructions are received by the Safety Directors o Do not leave the basement until the “all clear” has been given by the Safety DirectorsOdor of Gas or Gas LeakIf you are informed or suspect odor of gas or a gas leak, follow these steps: o Dial 911 and provide the following information o Your name, street address, city, state, and telephone number you can be reached at o The location of the odor of the gas or the gas leak o Any other pertinent information
  3. 3. o Inform the building’s Safety Directors o If the gas odor or leak is confirmed by the Fire Department, the Safety Directors will be notified immediately o If an evacuation is ordered, the procedures are the same as a fire evacuationBomb ThreatsIn the event of a bomb threat follow these instructions: o If you are the person that receives the threat, immediately call 911 and inform the Safety Directors of the building o The decision to evacuate the building will be determined by the Safety Directors; if a decision to evacuate is made, pull the nearest fire alarm pull station and leave the building o Evacuation procedures for bomb threats are the same as fire evacuations o If a suspicious object is found DO NOT touch it, move it, or handle it in any way; immediately report it to the Safety Directors and security or law enforcementSafety DirectorsRoles and responsibilities of the Safety Directors o Instruct employees to leave the area immediately o Insure that all handicapped and special needs personnel and visitors receive assistance and exit the building safely o Verify that ALL employees vacated the building o Check bathrooms, conference rooms, etc. to insure no one is left behind o Proceed to Winter Hill Community School basketball court o Verify that ALL employees are accounted for o Keep all employees in the area until further instructions are received