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  • A comment on color scheme – blue and white seems bland. Can you work a \nRainbow color or some spectrum into this? I think a warm color – red/orange/yellow would be \nInteresting- blue is a bit cold. \n
  • This seems to be more a description of the solution than the problem. \nProblem could be “There is no good way to train people to have better emotional intelligence”\nOr you can also title it as an INSIGHT: “Music has a powerful effect on neurotransmitters, and can be\nUsed to create feedback.” \n\nFrom what we were talking about yesterday – we didn’t really focus on geo-location, which \nSeems like a remanent from Luis/Amy’s original idea pre-merger. Perhaps you want to \nPut it into “future projections” – eventually, if you scale to include the whole world to\nImpact a billion people, you’ll easily be able to create a landscape of emotional geography, but\nFocus on the concrete presentation in the beginning. \n
  • Look forward to this \n
  • \n
  • Too long. This should be a simple sentence. \nSome of these things are features (price point, visually attractive form factor)\nAnd some of these are descriptions: new ability to quantify impact, play personalized music, etc\n\nSuggestion: condense it into “a personalized, real-time emotional feedback loop, \nDelivered via audio and visual cues” \n
  • \n
  • Phrasing sounds a little awkward: 3 customer sets need -> suggestion to revise to \n\n“3 Target markets”\n\nIf you have the time, I would even expand this slide to three separate slides, and \nSpent a little time on each customer, incorporating the brainstorming we had from yesterday\n
  • Stick some picturs here!\n
  • Whats the difference between this slide and the business model slide? \nMaybe combine the two?\n
  • Add some pictures if possible, also have a response to how you are different from all of these things\nMaybe follow this slide with a slide on your“competitive advantage”\n
  • I would say “projected key milestones”\n
  • Empathy amplifier presentation ms4

    1. 1. Emotional Feedback Loops forTraining Emotional Competence Amy Li – amy.li@singularityu.org Luis Santiago – luis.santiago@singularityu.org Malek Houlihan –malekhoulihan@gmail.com Melanie Swan – melanie.swan@singularityu.org
    2. 2. Problem 110 million people die each year from stress-related disease. 6.9 billion people regularly experience stressful emotions.Empathy Tech 2
    3. 3. Solution A powerful, Realtime Emotional Feedback Loop for human beings to train themselves to have better emotional competence using music.Empathy Tech 3
    4. 4. ApplicationsMusic is “like auditory dopamine-a prosthesis for the damaged basalganglia.” - Oliver Sacks M.D., author of Awakenings and MusicophiliaMusic therapists have long known that specific music can increase ordecrease Parkinson tremors, and have a healing impact in diseasesranging from dementia to depression.Music has traditionally been a stress management tool and withemerging technologies we can improve its effectiveness by introducingrealtime measurement, feedback, and automation.Emotional feedback loops can then be extended into a radical new kindof brain fitness training and discreet motifs for memory enhancement.With realtime geo-tracking of stress levels and emotions we can createa global picture of what drives behavior. 4
    5. 5. How – Sensors collect neurological and biophysical data • Mix of single-channel EEG, GSR, temperature, heart rate variability, and eye-tracking sensors – Combined sensor input platform multiplexes signals into standard output – Machine learning algorithms map sensor data to emotional repertoire – Emotional feedback loops create automated personalized music playlists EEG: Electroencephalography GSR: Galvanic Skin Response Eye TrackingEmpathy Tech Heart Rate Variability 5
    6. 6. Empathy Amplifier artist conception 6
    7. 7. Three Target Markets Attractive, fun, and affordable emotional stress measurement and alleviation Physician and Patient Cognitive Enhancer Research Professional Easy-to-use devices and Accessible actionable On-demand customized therapeutic regimens: technical information: emotion data analytics: Reimbursable therapies Freemium Data subscriptions and Analysis servicesEmpathy Tech 7
    8. 8. Team• Luis Santiago, Computer Systems and Algorithms – PUCMM – RSTA, Presidential Office of ICT, Dominican Republic; winner DR Orange Innovation Challenge• Amy Li, UX and Design – Yahoo!, AT&T Interactive, Deutsch; NYT “App of the Week”• Malek Houlihan, Music/Marketing Director – Jupiter Sunrise, LLC, Simon Media LLC, Leverage Art, VirtuePlay; 1,300 performance in 10 countries• Melanie Swan, Empathy Researcher – Wharton MBA, DIYgenomics, Genomera, JP Morgan; 12 eHealth/Quantified Self academic journal articlesEmpathy Tech 8
    9. 9. Go to Market Plan• Therapeutic Market – On-board thought-leaders and physicians for therapy validation clinical trial• Brain Fitness/Cognitive Enhancement Market – Target early adopter quantified-self analyzers• Research Market – Pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, and big health data analytics organizationsEmpathy Tech 9
    10. 10. Competitive Landscape• Sensors – Neuro: NeuroSky, Emotiv, iBrain, Thought Technology – Watch/wristband: Basis, Nike Fuel Band, Pebble• Brain-training, cognitive enhancement – Lumosity, Brain Juicer, CogMed, Brain Builder• Personalized playlists – Pandora, Spotify MoodAgent, Songza, iTunes Signature Maker• Crowdsourced music – SoundcloudEmpathy Tech 10
    11. 11. Key Milestones• Close Investor Seed round Sep 2012• Deliver hardware prototype Jan 2013• Demonstrate algorithms Mar 2013• Begin therapeutic clinical trial Mar 2013• Second Investor round Mar 2013• Launch consumer product Jun 2013• Launch research product Aug 2013Empathy Tech 11