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JavaScript Fundamentals


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JavaScript is being popular day by day with the improvement of Ajax and Single Page Applications. It's the language of all web browsers. It's important to understand the basics of any programming language before use frameworks and libraries of that language. Then you can write efficient and more manageable codes easily. This slide set is prepared to give you a better understanding on JavaScript basics. Wish you all the best for better programming.

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JavaScript Fundamentals

  1. 1. JavaScript FundamentalsBy Lasantha BandaraSoftware EngineerExilesoft Pvt. Ltd.-@ ExileTechTalk(2013/03/05)
  2. 2. • Became more useful with the popularity of Ajax• But adds a quite heavy load to the browser (Demo)
  3. 3. Variables• Declared with ‘var’ keyword• Type is resolved at runtime.You can assign any primitive type, function or objectto a variable.• Scope of a public variable is the ‘window’ objectThat means,var a; or a; Ξ window.a; Ξ window[‘a’];• Here is a description of all the predefined objects of Javascript• Beware,This makes your variable public!
  4. 4. • You can have more OOP behavior with ‘new’ and ‘prototype’
  5. 5. • This comes only when ‘null’ is assigned asthe value (Commonly from Json with Ajax)
  6. 6. • You can assign ‘undefined’ value to a variable, if you want ;-)
  7. 7. Source :….JavaScript Design Patterns(