Cisco Social Media Listening Strategy Case Study - Salesforce


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Case study of how Cisco uses the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to power it's Social Media listening strategy.

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Cisco Social Media Listening Strategy Case Study - Salesforce

  1. 1. Social Social Workflow Engagement Social Ads & Automation Measurement Listening ContentCASE STUDY: CISCOCisco Systems brings social to the core of their business.The Challenge Social listening provides a foundation for Cisco’s CRM initiative, which focuses on using socialCisco is the worldwide leader in IT, helping companies intelligence to make data driven decisions. Thisseize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that includes real-time content marketing insights toamazing things can happen when you connect thepreviously unconnected. The company has shaped opportunities across social channels.the future of the Internet by creating unprecedentedvalue and opportunity for their customers,transforming the way people connect, communicateand collaborate.The move to adopt and weave social across theenterprise has been a natural transition for Cisco.The recent launch of a Social Media Listening Centerdemonstrates their commitment to the voice of thecustomer, and also allows Cisco to harness andcapture social intelligence. Cisco sees the potentialto take social even further by connecting customers’ Cisco executes their social media listening strategy inexperiences and makes this part of the entire a number of ways:customer journey. Marketing’s Social Media Listening Center – A nine screen display of live social data is used toThe Approach keep an active pulse on social activity. This displayPowered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Cisco is particularly useful when monitoring campaign orhas taken an ABC, 1-2-3 approach to social launch activity as a way to get a macro view of how things unfold on the social web.conversations” (ABCs) – that is, customers andpartners expressing a near term need. This includes Social Media Listening Center in the EBC –but is not limited to sales inquiries, support, product A six screen display of social data in Cisco’s Executiveideas and brand advocacy posts. They then prioritizethem (1-2-3) to determine the urgency of a response. year. This illustrates in real-time how Cisco listens and responds to customers.Cisco gets about 5,000-7,000 mentions a day androughly 3% of those are actionable. Today, there are Executive’s Social Media Listening Center –over 1,300 social ambassadors globally who are A two-screen kiosk version of the Social Mediaauthorized to engage with customers on the social Listening Center just outside the CEO and CMO’sweb on behalf of Cisco, and all Cisco employeesare encouraged to be active on Twitter with their and tone of top-of-mind topics such as earnings,personal accounts. acquisitions, launches or campaigns. Have questions? Contact us. W E @marketingcloud T 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE
  2. 2. Social Social Workflow Engagement Social Ads & Automation Measurement Listening Content –Cisco created a 24/7 multi-language Social MediaListening Center for the 2012 London Olympics, Cisco was awarded thean initiative that awarded them the prestigious Groundswell Award for bestGroundswell Award for best B2B social media B2B social media listening.listening.Online Social Media Listening Center –Visualizations from the physical Social Media ListeningCenter can also be viewed online. This global reach The Social Media Listening Center allows Ciscoenables teams around the world to listen to what’s to scale social across the enterprise to create abeing said about the brand at any time. connected organization that can move quickly and nimbly, as well as get closer to their customers. Their work in social media has already earned Cisco aThe Results great deal of industry recognition, and the businessCisco has succeeded in creating an industry-leading shows no signs of slowing down as they continue tosocial strategy and putting that into practice with the evolve their social strategies and execution. Ciscomany variants of their Social Media Listening Center. currently engages with customers, partners andThe company has seen great results, including prospects on 133 Twitter handles – 15 of these areearly detection of potential product issues and owned by Cisco Executives. Additionally, Cisco hasthe ability to track their social marketing and lead more than two million fans across its topgeneration efforts. 12 Facebook Pages. Have questions? Contact us. W E @marketingcloud T 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE