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LinkedIn API


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LinkedIn API

  1. 1. API Possibilities
  2. 2. LinkedIn APIs … what are they?Profile Company Desktop Sites & AppsGroups Newsfeed APIsLinkedIn Data Mobile Sites & Apps 2
  3. 3. LinkedIn data …• Name • Company• Job Title Name• Company • Company Size• Industry • Industry• Location • Products &• Experience Services• Education • Followers• Groups Joined Profile Company • Company … Updates …• Group Name • Status• Discussions Updates• Authors • Authors• Likes Groups Newsfeed • Likes• Shares • Shares• Follows • Follows• Comments • Comments … … Complete list at 3
  4. 4. LinkedIn APIs … why use them? Newsfeed updates linking to site/app Sites & Apps (engaging experience) (acts as an amplifier) Amplified traffic back to site/app 4
  5. 5. Combining with other data … Google Maps data Hilton data LinkedIn data 5
  6. 6. Personalise and amplify … Profile data Ad, InMail,Status update Allow access to Personalised app LinkedIn profile Refer ShareMessage to selected Status update to connections Connection list 1st connections 6
  7. 7. Things you can do …• Basic Plugins • Product Finder • Product Promoter • Advisor Finder • Profile Analyser • Event Promoter • Social Content Hub • Matching Engine • Many more … 7
  8. 8. Basic Plugins … 8
  9. 9. Product Finder … 9
  10. 10. The IE Master Finder ES Objective Increase brand and product awareness via useful tool Solution Provide potential students with personalized degree suggestions User Journey  Sign In with LinkedIn (on IE Homepage)  Answer 3 questions  See personalized suggestions on ideal Masters degree  Share with network and contact IE reps via pre- populated form
  11. 11. Member journey … 2 3 1 Landing page with clear Click on Ad, InMail, benefit and Discover button Allow brand to access Newsfeed Link, etc. LinkedIn profile info 4 5Newsfeed update to 1st connections (with link back to microsite) Answer 2-3 short questions See highly personalised suggestions. Share with connections. Connect with reps. 11
  12. 12. Product Promoter … 12
  13. 13. Awaken Your Creativity with Galaxy Note II EMEA & APAC Objectives Promote the Note II in an engaging way to professionals in 7 markets Solution API-based competition microsite showcasing Note II features in 5 languages and optimised across desktop, tablet, mobile User Journey  Landing page with 5 key Note II features, vote tally, and comments  Vote/comment on favourite feature, best comments win devices (5 per market)  Share via LinkedIn and other social channels
  14. 14. Member journey … 2 3 1 Click on Ad, InMail, Allow brand to access Newsfeed Link, etc. Landing page with product features, LinkedIn profile info Vote button, and latest stories 6 5 4Newsfeed update to all 1st connections (with link back to microsite) Select a feature and tell us Thank you page with running why you like that feature tally and latest stories 14
  15. 15. Advisor Finder … 15
  16. 16. Find an Advisor US Objective Tap LinkedIn connections to make advisor referrals Solution Enable prospective clients to tap their LinkedIn network to find an Ameriprise financial advisor User Journey  Sign In with LinkedIn (on Ameriprise Find An Advisor page)  See personalized list of financial advisors in network (and see how user is connected to them)  Easily connect with advisors and share tool with network
  17. 17. Member journey … 2 3 1 Landing page with clear Click on Ad, InMail, benefit and Sign In button Allow brand to access Newsfeed Link, etc. LinkedIn profile info 6 4 5 Connection request or message to advisor View advisor profile. Connect or List of advisors connected communicate with advisor. to someone you know 17
  18. 18. Profile Analyser … 18
  19. 19. How Passionate Are You? NL Objective Generate product awareness via personalized video and profile infographic Solution Draw parallel between user’s passion (in this case, passion for career) and the Clio. Incentivise participation via time with celebrity User Journey  Sign In with LinkedIn  View personalised video that weaves LinkedIn profile data into Clio movie  View, download, share video and/or profile infographic
  20. 20. Member journey … 2 3 1 Click on Ad, InMail, Landing page with clear Allow brand to access Newsfeed Link, etc. benefit and Login button LinkedIn profile info 5 6 4Newsfeed update to all 1stconnections (with link back to microsite) See personalised video weaving profile info into View personalised, shareable the Cleo experience infographic with profile insights 20
  21. 21. Event Promoter … 21
  22. 22. Dell Innovation Live Event FR Objective Promote live event and generate leads Solution Enable members to easily register for, participate in, and share a live event User Journey  Register for live event via LinkedIn Sign In  Invite connections to event, share event with connections, comment during event  Contact Dell via pre- populated contact form
  23. 23. Member journey … 2 3 1 Landing page with event list, Allow brand to access Click on Ad, InMail, speaker info, Sign In button, and LinkedIn profile info Newsfeed Link, etc. opt-in to be shown on attendee list 6 4 5Newsfeed update to all 1stconnections (with link back to microsite) Add to calendar, invite Registration form pre- connections, share event, populated with LinkedIn info comment during event 23
  24. 24. Social Content Hub … 24
  25. 25. Amazing Data FR Objectives Reach CMOs in an innovative way (via data- driven leisure content) Solution Content hub to publish and promote leisure content specially created around data hooks from IBM User Journey  View specially created data-based leisure content  Sign in with LinkedIn for higher relevance  Easily share content with 1st connections
  26. 26. Matching Engine … 26
  27. 27. Cambridge Cluster Map UK Objectives Make it easier to do business in the Cambridge Cluster area by helping investors (and other interested parties) to find companies in the cluster and connect with them more effectively Solution Unique “big data” resource funded by Cambridge University and developed by Trampoline that brings together valuable data from multiple sources (e.g. Duedil for company info, LinkedIn for estimating hard-to-find company sizes as a way of demonstrating the cluster’s economic impact, Twitter for mentions, etc.) User Journey  Signing In with LinkedIn is an optional element on this site.  Signed in users can see how many 1st and 2nd connections they have at these companies, who they are, and connec or communicate with them.
  28. 28. And to conclude … 28
  29. 29. Performance reports available …• KPIs are tracked and reported via real-time online dashboard• KPIs may include visitors, views, likes, shares, comments, sign ups, leads, etc. 29
  30. 30. Next steps … For commercial usage, 2 options: 1. Get an exception for your creative agency 1 2. Engage one of our Certified Partners (CDP) 2 Both options come with: – Legal clearance – Higher call limits – Direct support from LinkedIn For more info, please reach out to: – Ravi Ayyala ( – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions ( 30