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Introducing Mindquarry


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Introductory Presentation of Mindquarry, held at Open Source Business Forum 2006 in Potsdam.

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Introducing Mindquarry

  1. 1. Mindquarry Team Work to Team Play Open Source Business Forum Potsdam, 11-07-2006 Lars Trieloff, CEO Mindquarry GmbH
  2. 2. Teamwork & Collaboration Everyone does teamwork and needs to collaborate effectively especially highly skilled, paid, creative information workers Software can support teamwork and collaboration Organizations can learn from collaborating the Open Source way Mindquarry is a new concept in collaboration software
  3. 3. Wiki: ideas, documentation and definitions exchanged easily Documents: two people Tasks: self-management, can edit documents at once, tracking of progress and easy sharing of documents definition of workflows Mindquarry connects people: work like an expert with your team Conversations: e-mail, Search Everywhere: full-text instant messaging and search everywhere makes meeting minutes unified finding information easy.
  4. 4. Software as a team player Software for team players must be a team player as well Mindquarry is a team player: Open Source: You are free to try, use and extend Open Standards: No data lock-in, your data stays yours Open Interfaces: Integrate Mindquarry with your applications Open Community: Developers are close to the users Mindquarry makes your team more productive, more effective, more creative
  5. 5. What Mindquarry offers Mindquarry as a hosted service no setup, no own server ideal for small and medium companies Mindquarry Enterprise Edition Subscription License includes support, updates, upgrades ideal for hosting Mindquarry on your own hardware Commercial Support & Services
  6. 6. The Mindquarry Team Lars Trieloff, Alexander Saar, Alexander Klimetschek - graduates of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute with experience as software developers, trainers, authors, consultants. Mindquarry is a Hasso Plattner Ventures Portfolio Company.
  7. 7. Mindquarry Roadmap Mindquarry founded: July 2006 February 2007: Mindquarry Version 1.0 Summer 2007: Lauch of Mindquarry Hosting Service Fall 2007: Mindquarry Version 2.0 Time Tracking Social Skill Networks
  8. 8. Thank You For questions, suggestions, handouts: +49 331 97 99 2222
  9. 9. visit to stay tuned