2010 AHRD Conference Portfolio


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My Research Project for Graduate School.

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2010 AHRD Conference Portfolio

  1. 1. Conference Critique & Research February 24 - 28, 2010 Knoxville, Tennessee Larry D Weas Ed. D. Program CAHA 700: Emerging Research in AHE Adult & Higher Education College of Education Northern Illinois University
  2. 2. Table of Contents Biography Adult & Higher Education, Ed. D. Program Conference & Proceedings Critique Linking AHRD Scholars-Practitioners to Behaviorist & Humanistic Values in Strategic Human Resource Development (HRD) Food ‘N’ Thought Summary & Critique Session: Social Media & Human Resource Development (HRD) Symposium Critique Session: Online Learning & Education Conference Proposal & Presentation Larry D. Weas, Ed. D. Program, Northern Illinois University An Exploratory Study regarding the Needs of Adult Learners for Today’s Technological Workforce & Social Media Research Proposal & Handout Adult Learning and Technology: An Exploratory Study regarding the Needs of Adult Learners for Today’s Technological Workforce & Social Media
  3. 3. Larry D. Weas Biography Adult & Higher Education, Ed. D. Program Northern Illinois University In the area of Adult & Higher Education, pursue graduate studies and practice in the area of Counseling, Adult & Higher Education by completing my Doctorate of Education (Ed. D.), with specialized skills in HRD and Instructional Technology. Research and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis in adult learning. Develop learning objectives, lesson plans, student material, and SOJT documentation. Demonstrate knowledge of adult learning theories, models of learning, instructional strategies in program evaluation and course curriculum. Develop processes by planning and building a cross section of courses using new technologies; demonstrate the hierarchy of adult learning directly and indirectly through knowledge and performance-based skills of a topic; demonstrate areas of human services, organizational & professional development, and performance improvement in employed learning situations and organizations. Human Resource Development (HRD) In the area of Training Systems & Program Management, research, consult, and manage human performance improvement, instructional methodology, and training technology in adult education and training. Experienced in diverse organizational and professional development; project management in the military, corporate, and academic settings producing ROI results. Instructional Systems Design (ISD) In the area of Instructional Systems Design (ISD), analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate learning outcomes. Deliver training employing effective teaching, questioning, visualizing and communication techniques in higher education. Design differentiated instruction employing demonstrative technical strategies and learning skills. Demonstrate knowledge and use of instructor guides, workbooks, computerized reporting systems, assessment, evaluation, student material, and develop learning objectives. Demonstrate usage of computers as appropriate in computer literacy and elearning technology with emphasis in adult education and training programs.
  4. 4. Education & Certifications Ed. D. Program, Adult & Higher Education Northern Illinois University (2007 – Present) M. S. Ed. Program, Adult & Higher Education Northern Illinois University (2003 – 2007) B. S. Ed. Program, Workforce Education, Training & Development, Southern Illinois University (1998 – 2003) Master Training Specialist Certification, U. S. Navy Naval Education & Technical Training (1995 – 2000) Training Specialist Certification, Southern Illinois University (2003) eLearning Design Specialist, Abbott Laboratories (2004)
  5. 5. Professional Development Research & Presentations Learning as Transformation: Critical Perspectives on a Theory in Progress Technology in Education: Related to the Adult Learner Educational Attitudes: A Philosophical Approach Adult & Higher Education Needs Assessment: A Focus on Lake County, Illinois Lifelong Learning: Adult Learners’ Persistence in the Classroom and the Decision to Return to School for Higher Education The Competencies of Adult Educators Work Related Adult Education A Guide for Planning and Implementing Instruction for Adults: A Theme-Based Approach The Effects of Using Differentiated Instruction on Workplace Learning & Adult Learners’ Perspective Theory of Transitional Learning in the Workplace Skills-Based training and Workplace Learning Authentic Assessment Using Humor in HRD & Workplace Humor for Dummies Exploring the needs of Adult Learners in today’s Technological Workforce & Social Media Networking