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Training for Transition


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Published in: Technology
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Training for Transition

  1. 1. Local Agriculture • Local Economies • Neighborhood Revival • Social Justice • Green Jobs Training for Transition Building Resilient Communities for a Post-Carbon World Friday, Oct. 23rd & Sunday, Oct. 25th from 9:30 - 5:30 pm with a special free, open-to-the-public Energy Decent Planning Session Oct. 23rd, 6 to 9pm Monterey Bay Area Location -26435 Carmel Rancho Blvd, Carmel, CA 93924 $135 before October 1st • $155 after October 1st The Transition movement is a set of inspiring ideas for creating an attractive and enticing vision of how our communities could be. The converging crises of climate change and oil depletion and economic instability cannot be solved separately, and they cannot be solved with technological miracles, but only by lessening our dependence on fossil fuels. This doesn’t mean a bleaker future. The heart of transition is the belief that if we engage with enough imagination and ingenuity to unlock the collective genius of our communities, we can choose a future that is more satisfying, just and sustainable than what we have now. Participants in the training will: ·explore the opportunities for personal and social transformation presented by the challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic instability ·learn the key concepts of the Transition model, including how to set up and foster successful Transition groups., Permaculture principles and community visioning ·understand how to raise awareness of the need for transition through public talks and events ·form contacts with other change leaders in your local area ·establish a plan of action for yourself and your community Trainers Citizens for a Sustainable Join forces with folks around Scott McKeown is a trainer Monterey County, the globe to demand and community organizer for www.sustainablemonterey regulation to reduce CO2 over 30 years. Formerly with emissions to 350 ppm level the Health & Harmony Fest in Pilgrim’s Way Community by promoting a day of action Santa Rosa, he founded Bookstore, Transition Sebastopol. on October 24th. Visit, for more info Kat Steele is a permaculture Participants receive 20% off activist, educator & founder of and find local climate action coupon for workshop materials. the Urban Permaculture Guild. Tomorrow Matters, events in the Monterey She presently leads, County area. You are Sustainability projects at the Sundays 4 -5pm, KRXA 540 AM encouraged to create your Esalen Institute in Big Sur. own action too! MCT4T Co-Sponsors Climate Action participants event TBD. T4TflyerR2-2
  2. 2. To register contact Deborah Lindsay, T4TflyerR1