Legacy Planning Process


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Legacy Planning Process

  1. 1. The Legacy Planning Process Legacy planning, while commonly used as a differentiator at the beginning of the sales process, can be extended to clients at any stage of planning. Once you begin, refer to this template to be sure you cover each of these five steps. INTRODUCE LEGACY PLANNING MOTIVATE CLIENT TO MOVE FORWARD  Eloquently define legacy planning and how it differs  Contact the client about one week out and reward any from estate planning. progress he or she has made.  Show the client the two minute “tour” on  Address any issues, concerns, or questions. www.planyourlegacy.com.  Reinforce the deadline for completion by scheduling  SM Give client a brief overview of the Breadcrumbs your next appointment. online software and explain how easy it is to complete a plan. PROCESS AND PREPARE THE LEGACY PLAN  Share a sample plan with the client.  If applicable, disclose your fee and collection details.  Prior to meeting login to confirm their plan is complete  Send the client home with a loaner copy of The or if applicable, collect the questionnaire and enter the Ultimate Gift DVD and a bag of microwave popcorn. data for the client. The Ultimate Gift is an inspirational, "feel-good" movie  Print a completed plan for review during your next that illustrates the power of legacy planning. (By giving meeting. the client a “loaner” it’s more likely they will watch it within the week) REVIEW AND DISCUSS THE LEGACY PLAN ENGAGE CLIENT IN THE PROCESS  Present the completed legacy plan.  Engage the client in an open discussion about  Once more, review the delivery process and role of The Ultimate Gift. the plan administrators.  Get a verbal commitment to do a legacy plan.  Educate the client on how to facilitate a family discussion.  Enter the client via “Invite Client” from your Breadcrumbs administrative platform.  Underscore the importance of notifying the appropriate people about the legacy plan.  Provide the client with a login user ID and password so they can access Breadcrumbs and begin their plan.  Encourage the client to have an annual review with family members (the Friday after Thanksgiving is  Give client another overview of the website and always a good idea). highlight the fact that they can also refer to the tutorial (from Plan Summary) for more detailed instructions.  Should they prefer not to use a computer provide the client with a questionnaire.  Explain the difference between solo mode and collaboration mode as well as the process of selecting a plan administrator.  Agree to a target completion date. © Copyright 2008, Plan Your Legacy, LLC