Victorinox swiss army swiss tool with pouch best tool on earth


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Victorinox swiss army swiss tool with pouch best tool on earth

  1. 1. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool with Pouch Swisstool Is A Multitool You Need To Own ...From the renowned company that created the Swiss Army knife a centuryago comes this folding tool kit--neatly contained within a single implementthat measures just 4-1/2 inches long and 1-1/3 inches thick, weighs just 10ounces, and comes in a polyester/nylon belt pouch. Its rugged stainless-steel construction and ease of use make this tool kit is a tribute to theprecision of Swiss engineering. Tools open individually (no clumping), lockin place, and fold with a push button. The SwissTool carries a lifetimewarranty against defects. The tools include pliers; 2-, 3-, 5-, and 7-1/2-mmscrewdrivers; Phillips head screwdriver; wire cutter; bottle opener; largeknife blade; serrated blade; metal file; metal saw; wood saw;reamer/punch; chisel/scraper; crate opener; wire bender; wire stripper;wire scraper; can opener; 9-inch ruler; 230-cm ruler; electrical crimper; andlanyard hole. --Fred BrackI used to carry a well known name brand multitool until I found THREEsuperior options ( my decision was based on 40+ years as a fire fighter,police officer and bomb disposal technician ( EOD ). I have owned anumber of multitools over the years and abused them all ( thats why thegood ones have a lifetime warranty ). The three best for the money in myopinion are the 1. SOG Powerlock , 2. Victorinox SwissTool and 3. SOGPocket PowerPlier - dont waste your money on anything else - no othermultitool can come close to a SOG or Victorinox in performance,
  2. 2. functionality and warranty. I do own other brand multitools and have a deskdrawer full of them and they are used solely for opening envelopes andpackages. When I need a multitool at work I want a `real multitool that Ican depend on to do the job at hand - the following 3 are my choices,depending on the assignment.The first rescue multi-tool worth your money is a SOG Powerlock ( variousmodels are now available to suit your needs - including the assistedopening ). I prefer the S66 because of the tool / implement selection. Thisfolding tool isnt new, a fact that speaks to its highly regarded CompoundLeverage mechanism that generates twice the pressure and grippingpower of lesser tools. To wit: this thing is the Jaws of multitools. Beyondstrength, youll love the pivoting handle covers that really do improvecomfort and dexterity. All the essential tools are intricately positioned fordeployment and for you showoffs out there, the PowerLocks ability to openwith a quick flick of the wrist is undeniably cool. The PowerLock featuresremovable, pivoting handle covers that improve the comfort profile for yourhand. More pressure can now be exerted on those tough jobs! Like therest of the family in the series, the PowerLock can be opened and closedwith a one-handed flip of the wrist. This is a basic requirement from SOGas so often one is holding wires or standing on a ladder and does not haveboth hands free. All tool components are easy to access and lock i n theopen position. The Phillips even locks in two open positions. With one ofthe simplest and safest locking devices ever engineered, just press theback of the lock and close the component into the handle. Includedcomponents in the S66 include a plier / gripper, 3 straight blade, 3 serratedblade,3 sided file,large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, small screwdrive,medium screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, V cutter, wire crimper,blasting cap crimper, compound leverage, comfort grips, rulers and lanyardring. The PowerLock also comes with a heavy-duty, dark leather pouch. Astandard design issue with any SOG multipurpose tool is the advantage ofits hex bolt construction. This essential design element gives you thegreatest versatility to clean and change tool components ( additional toolcomponents are directly available from SOG for a modest charge) - withhex bolt construction holding the SOGs together - replacing tools is a snap.The SOG features all stainless steel construction ( also availab le in a blackoxide finish #B66) and comes with a heavy duty leather pouch, a LifetimeGuarantee and they are MADE IN THE USA. Street price is around$55.00.The second multitool in the lineup is a Victorinox SwissTool which comesequipped with both a plain edge AND a serrated blade / seat belt cutterwhich can be life saving in a auto accident. Victorinox Swisstools arequality unsurpassed , as are ALL of the lineup of Swiss Army Knives. Theimplements on the SwissTool are well thought out, each tool is individuallyaccessible and locks securely in place. The knife blades are scary sharpand probably the sharpest of any production line knife made today, plusthey are stainless steel. The heftyness of the tool speaks of its quality,ruggedness and ability to do the job. I have broken the plier head jaws on
  3. 3. several other manufacturers multitools , never on a Swisstool, including thesmaller Swisstool Spirit, they are made to last a lifetime. I have hadoccasion to send Swiss Army Knives t Made in Switzerland with a lifetimewarranty. Street price around $50.00.My most recent addition to the Best of the Best multitools , the third, in myarsenal of multitools and I find it adequate to do 99% of the jobs handledby the two mentioned above. Lighter and more compact than the SOGPowerLock, its big brother, the Pocket PowerPlier ( Model #S44 ) is veryeasy to carry and use. SOGs Pocket PowerPlier is packed with essentialtools that include pliers/grippers, wire cutters, partially serrated blade,Phillips screwdriver, three-sided file, can opener with a small screwdriver,bottle opener with medium screwdriver, an awl, rulers, lanyard and heavyduty leather pouch. Again the PPPs advantage of hex bolt constructionleaves all the other multitools running for cover as this essential designelement gives you the greatest versatility to clean and change toolcomponents ( additional tool components are directly available from SOGfor a modest charge) not offered by other multitool manufacturers. With theinterchangability you can replace the partially serrated blade with a 3 plainedge blade and I also removed the 3 sided file and replaced it with aserrated line cutter. I find carrying the PPP a benefit because of lessweight hanging on my belt ( 5.5 ounces vs 9.6 ounces for the PowerLock) .Also noted is SOGs Deluxe Pocket PowerPlier ( Model S45) whichs adds alarge screwdriver, 1/4 socket drive however it loses the awl as a tool andweighs in at 5.5 ounces - same as he S44 model. Backed by a LifetimeGuarantee and they are MADE IN THE USA. Street price around $45.00revised 05/2009 For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool with Pouch - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!