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The wait by zox better than most things out there


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The wait by zox better than most things out there

  1. 1. The Wait by Zox An Awesome CdZox has emerged as one of the most successful young bands on the NewEngland scene with the explosive release of their sophomore album.Fusing influences such as The Cure, Counting Crows, and The Specialswith a unique sound that features electric violin as the lead instrument,Zoxs innovative style caught the ear of underground legend Mitch Easter(REM, Pavement, Wilco), who was brought on to mix The Wait. Look forthem on this summers Warped Tour.Personal Review: The Wait by ZoxZox SERIOUSLY brings so much talent to the table, whether it be on stageor on CD. I was so anxious to buy The Wait, after enjoying the classicTake Me Home CD. I was lucky to preview many of the songs on The Waitat live shows, but now I can listen to the wonderful melodies any time Iwant! Many people seem to really like "Anything But Fine", "Carolyn", and"Thirsty" as the pinpoint songs on this album. All 3 of these songsdemonstrate amazing musical ability and they are wonderful for a fullfluctuation of moods. My personal favorites, though, are "Fallen," "A LittleMore Time," and "Spades." "Fallen" is incredible, and the back-up vocalsare amaaazing. I love the beat to it and the entire mood behind the song. Itall just flows so perfectly. "A Little More Time" is so upbeat it could makeme smile after stubbing my toe. Elis voice sparkles in this song. "Spades"has great back-up vocals as well, but my favorite part of this song is thepercussion. The drumming is fantastic and fun!Every member of Zox adds sooo much to the unique sound of the band,and this CD proves it in every way. I cannot WAIT for their next CD, andthis one makes a star appearance in my car, computer, discman and life! If
  2. 2. you like this, go out and buy Take Me Home as well!!! It is very different,but you are sure to love it as well! For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: The Wait by Zox 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!