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The metropolitan hotel by chely wright brilliant and inspired


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The metropolitan hotel by chely wright brilliant and inspired

  1. 1. The Metropolitan Hotel by Chely Wright A MasterpieceThe centerpiece to this sixth album by soulful country balladeer ChelyWright is The Bumper of My S.U.V., a song about the sort of patriotism thatruns deeper than partisan sniping and that will therefore likely hit homewith listeners on all sides of the political divide. As the albums primaryproducer and songwriter, Wright takes control of her artistry here, withmaterial that has more depth and a sound that is less polished than whatoften dominates the airwaves. The narrative ambition of Wrights The River,which features Vince Gill providing vocal counterpoint, merits comparisonwith the Bruce Springsteen song of the same title, while the pricklyrelationship detailed in Between a Mother and a Child is too painful not toring true. Lightening the mood is a romp through Chuck Berrys Cest La Vie(You Never Can Tell). With the opening Its the Song (written by BonnieBaker and Katrina Elam), Wright puts the emphasis on the strength of thematerial, and proceeds to deliver, with a selection devoid of filler. --DonMcLeese
  2. 2. Personal Review: The Metropolitan Hotel by Chely WrightI love Chelys eloquent alto on The Metropolitan Hotel; it is extremelymoving and demonstrates a matuirty which serves her well. Single WhiteFemale was a great single and album, but this ones better. Chelyproduced this one; shes an older, wiser, more confident woman whosewriting, like her voice, has never been better. Her best writing isconfessional, yet accessible to any fan. For Country to work, you have tobe able to relate to the song- and that sentiment is undeniable on this CD."Between a Mother and a Child" is especially poignant. Likewise, "Back ofthe Bottom Drawer" is mature and delivered with conviction. "I Got HimReady For You" sounds confessional; we all have regrets. Bottom line,give this CD a chance. Chely is more raw and emotional than most ofwhats coming out now.I cannot say enough about "Bumper of My SUV." What a heart-felt anthem!I am a veteran and understand exactly what shes saying. Dont worryChely, we know there are more supportive people than the "haters" whocould never understand our patriotism. The sentiments she expressesbring tears to my eyes- this is in the same league with Alan Jacksons"Where Were You" (When The World Stopped Turning), the best post9-11anthem. Chely, God Bless You. You represent the best of America, justlike the U.S. Marines. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: The Metropolitan Hotel by Chely Wright 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!