Night passage by robert b parker read it


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Night passage by robert b parker read it

  1. 1. Night Passage by Robert B. Parker Great Story And Characters!!Fans often feel uneasy when the creator of a popular character venturesinto new turf, and sometimes their trepidation is justified. But readers ofRobert B. Parkers immensely popular Spenser series can breathe a sigh ofrelief: while Night Passage doesnt feature Spenser, his usual gang ofassociates, or a Boston setting, its vintage Parker--fast, witty, suspenseful,and engaging. Told in short, crisp chapters, its the story of Jesse Stone, a34-year-old ex-cop who just lost his L.A. policemans job and his marriagedue to a drinking problem. The book opens as Stone leaves California forhis new job as chief of police in the picturesque town of Paradise,Massachusetts. But Paradise isnt as placid as it seems--in fact, its afestering mass of petty corruption, right-wing militia, sexual scandal, andbad guys who favor strong-arm tactics. Night Passage boasts a delicious,classic setup: the lone lawman, new in town, must make his stand toclean the place up. Stone has been picked for the job because the townfathers figured hed be weak and malleable; as he gradually pulls himselftogether, it turns out they have a surprise in store. Stones qualities mayremind you of Spensers--hes taciturn, fearless, good-looking, andcompassionate--and in the end the plots pleasing complexities getresolved a bit simply. But Robert B. Parker is in fine form in NightPassage, with his smart-aleck wit under control and his prose at itseconomical best. Spenser fans and Parker neophytes alike will find plentyto enjoy here. And the setting is, after all, not far from Boston--dare wehope for a Spenser-Stone meeting in future books?Personal Review: Night Passage by Robert B. ParkerIm never been a fan of Robert Parker or his Spenser novels, but the JesseStone movels are another matter. The character is real-human:likeable, yetflawed. Hes offered a job as Chief of Police in a small town, which is lastchance. He has been kicked off the LAPD, hes divorced his wife forcheating on him. Paradise, MA is a chance to start over, except that hefinds out that he was hired by a crooked council member. Stone was hiredin the hope that he wouldnt make waves. Another problem is Stone cantget over his ex-wife. Hes obsessed with her.
  2. 2. The book is a good suspenseful read. The ending isnt too good, incompared to the film version, the book version leaves a great deal to bedesired.The characters are miscast in the film version. If youre a fan of a goodsuspense novel, youll enjoy this one. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Night Passage by Robert B. Parker 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!