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Mortalis the demonwars by ra salvatore fantasy at its best


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Mortalis the demonwars by ra salvatore fantasy at its best

  1. 1. Mortalis (The Demonwars) by R.A. Salvatore Fantasy At Its BestSetting aside his wildly popular Forgotten Realms books for the moment,Bob Salvatore continues to wade into his character-development-heavyDemon Wars saga with this meaty kickoff to the latest DW series. If yourefamiliar with the series (and if youre not, start with The Demon Awakens),you know that this aint Icewind Dale. The generously developedcharacters take center stage, and they--much to our initial dismay,perhaps--are far from invincible. (More than a few hearts were brokenwhen Elbryan the Nightbird, Touelalfar-trained ranger extraordinaire, bitthe dust in the last book, Demon Apostle.) Mortalis shifts the spotlight tofearsome gemstone-wielder Jilseponie (a.k.a. Pony), whos got to decidejust what path to take in the wake of Markwart/Bestesbulzibars defeat andthe death of her beloved ranger hubby. Should she take over theAbellican church as Mother Abbess? Or should she take King Danubesoffer to be Baroness of Palmaris? Or perhaps her grief-tinged destiny liesalong another path. Countless goblins still require a firm beating down,the ranks of the Abellicans are far from content, and a virulent plaguethreatens to kill off even more characters. Whats a Pony to do? --PaulHughesFeatures:* ISBN13: 9780345430427* Condition: NEW* Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.* Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping PricesSalvatore often states that he believes this is the best book hes everwritten, and I cannot disagree. While much different than most of hi s otherbooks (think Forgotten Realms), MORTALIS will nonetheless please bothold and new Salvatore fans. Darker and more mature than most of hiswork, the entire DemonWars saga is full of death, desperation, and falliblecharacters. Still fantasy, but much more believable and serious than anyof the Drizzt books. And, MORTALIS is my favorite of the series thus far.However, it is not an appropriate place to start the series. To reallyunderstand what is going on and appreciate the manner in which Salvatorehas developed the world of Corona, you need to start at the beginning,with The Demon Awakens (which is also excellent).
  2. 2. MORTALIS serves as a transition between the first and second trilogies ofthe DemonWars Saga. Continuing the story where THE DE MONAPOSTLE left off, with Jilseponie facing the truth of her lovers death andthe Abellican church left in turmoil after the exposure of the demon-possessed Markwart, the first part of this book is fairly limited in scope, butnecessary. Fairly quickly however, new aspects of the story areintroduced. Plague has come to Corona and nobody is able to prevent orcure this newest threat. Neither the nobility or the church has any effectiveway to fight back against the insidious disease which threatens the entireland, and so lock themselves away in fortresses in order to protectthemselves. Pony and a few others cannot stand by and watch thesuffering, and try their hands at healing, only to meet disappointment.Death and desperation are the common theme throughout the majority ofthis book, as the impossible new enemy claims untold numbers of lives.The world of Corona is dramatically expanded in the volume. An entirenew race of elves is briefly introduced and is sure to play a prominent rolein the next trilogy. Also, a group of renegade monks known as theBrothers Repentant is born, led by no other than our old nemesisDeUnnero himself. Also, Jilseponie grows as a character, going fromdespondency to determination to save the world. While the endin g of thisbook is fairly conclusive (MORTALIS could be considered a stand-alonenovel) it leaves room for an exciting continuation.My favorite Salvatore book to date. Very highly recommended. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Mortalis (The Demonwars) by R.A. Salvatore - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!