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  1. 1.  Pollution of the environment It is one of the biggest problems forwhich the world is going today. Air,water, flora and wildlife, among othernatural resources, are undergoingdramatic changes as a result of negligentand irresponsible action of man on theplanet.
  2. 2.  Contamination of soil is the soilincorporation of foreignmatter such as garbage,toxic waste, chemicals, andindustrial waste. Soilcontamination results in animbalance physical, chemicaland biological adverselyaffecting plants, animalsand humans
  3. 3.  Air Pollution The persistent effectof polluting theatmosphere, in a silentprocess of years, leadingeventually to thedevelopment of acutecardiovascular conditionssuch as heart attacks. Toinspire environmentalparticles with a diameterless than 2.5 micrometers,enter the smaller airwaysand then irritate theartery walls
  4. 4.  Water pollution High concentrations ofpopulation contributing torapid water pollution andother pollution. Contaminatedwater is the water to whichwere incorporated foreignmatter, such asmicroorganisms, chemicals,industrial waste or othertypes, or wastewater. Thesematerials degrade the waterquality and make it useless fortheir intended uses.
  5. 5.  Causes of Environmental Pollution• Domestic solid waste.• Industrial solid waste.• Excess fertilizer• Tala.• Burn.• Trash.• Carbon monoxide vehicle.•Drainage of sewage or polluted the seaor rivers.
  6. 6.  Destruction of Ozone:Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases arewarming the planet. Ozone destructiondue to human activities has alreadyreached the point where the sunsharmful rays, ultraviolet B, reach in largeareas of the earths surface at levelscapable of causing extensive damage tolife.? The doses increasing UV-B threatenthe health and human welfare, crops,forests, plants, wildlife and marine.There was an increase in the rate of skincancer.
  7. 7. RecommendationsRecommendations to avoid contamination of domestic type sewage What to do with the waste oil used in the preparation of food wastes are fried? The remaining oil, if much can be placed in plastic drums or two liters, they are well sealed. If the amount is minimal, you can remove the excess with paper towel and place it in the trash. What to do with the leftover food? Leftover food should be removed before washing the dishes and pans, must be deposited in plastic bags. Can be allocated to deliver those who have pig farms or, thrown away, as it is material that is easily degraded.What to do to prevent them from leaving small residues down the drain?You can install wire mesh grids of small diameters in the areas of the sink, sinks, showers, sinks, sewers. Solid wastes that accumulate be disposed in the trash. How to help reduce pollution by the use of detergents and sanitizers? Biodegradable detergent should be consumed for both dishes to clothes, and reduce substance use desengrasentes and disinfectants.
  8. 8. WRITERS Larry Escalona  Stefany Taborda IEC-111-00161  HPS-121-00528