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Teacher Development Workshops and Seminars

English as a foreign language teacher training workshops and seminars for EFL teachers at the Santiago de Cali University in Cali, Colombia topics of interest in ELT

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Teacher Development Workshops and Seminars

  2. 2. TEACHER DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR TOPICS • Short Class Activities • Using Drama • EFL Learning Games • Vocabulary Development Techniques • Listening Comprehension • Using Short Stories • Giving Presentations • Creating Materials • Using Art & Pictures • EFL Teacher Certification • Using Songs • Writing Skills
  3. 3. SHORT CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Would you like to increase the dynamics of your classroom? Do you need to fill in “blank” time spots occasionally? Want to motivate a class full of sluggish students? How about reinforcing a grammar or other teaching point using an activity to aid memory and retention? This workshop is designed to address each of these situations and more. Participants will learn and practice a number of short dynamics, as well as adapting or creating some of their own.
  4. 4. CREATING MATERIALS for the EFL CLASSROOM Teachers of EFL, English as a Foreign Language, are almost constantly strapped for time and fresh materials to use in their English classes. If they teach in a non-English speaking country, the situation can reach critical proportions quickly and often. With the advent of the internet, however, authentic readings in English are now only a few mouse clicks away. But what to do with these snippets of information can be perplexing – even overwhelming, especially to fairly new, inexperienced EFL teachers. ESL, English as a Second Language teachers in an English- speaking country usually have a much easier time of getting materials. But, let’s look at a short historic passage of authentic English and explore some ways it could be used and re- used multiple times for a variety of didactic purposes.
  5. 5. EFL LEARNING GAMES Who doesn’t love playing games? If we could apply playing games to language learning then learners might practice more on their own by playing games designed to reinforce language learning and production skills while having some fun. Just don’t spoil the process by telling the learners that they’re really practicing language learning skills development – just let them have their fun! Participants will learn and practice a number of language learning skills development and practice games, as well as adapting or creating some of their own.
  6. 6. USING SONGS TO TEACH EFL Are you students sometimes bored in spite of your best efforts? Are you looking for some new and different techniques? Could you use a learning activity that would really wake them up? Would you like to get and keep the students’ interest? Even have them helping you? Then try this classroom- tested technique by using student- selected songs to teach listening comprehension. Almost everyone loves music. It is a part of our language and life from before birth onwards. So, why not include music and songs in language learning as well? Participants will learn and practice a number of ELT techniques for selecting and incorporating songs and music into their EFL classroom.
  7. 7. VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES When English or foreign language learning students ask you, “Teacher, what can I do to learn more words faster?” Here’s an answer that will serve you and them handsomely. Create your own vocabulary building activities, exercises, games and puzzles to boost learners’ vocabulary in record time. Not sure how to go about it? No problem. This highly effective, intensive participation workshop is designed to step you through some suggestions for dynamic vocabulary-building activities that are immediately applicable to your EFL classroom.
  8. 8. USING DRAMA in the EFL CLASSROOM You needn’t have advanced level students nor graduate Thespians to incorporate Drama effectively into the EFL classroom. You do need some knowledge of techniques and activities to do so however. You’ll get these and hands-on practice in abundance during this participating workshop during which all attendees will have the opportunity to prepare and perform skits and short dramatic activities immediately adaptable to their EFL classrooms. “To be or not to be?” “Go ahead, make your day” with this fun, action-filled session. “Oscars” will be awarded for the best “performances”.
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT of LISTENING COMPREHENSION SKILLS Of the four basic English language skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening, the most difficult to acquire is listening comprehension. It is also the one skill which cannot be “taught”. In evaluations that university English and foreign language institute EFL students must take at least three times a semester, the area which is most critical and the one in which they experience the greatest difficulty is listening comprehension. But just what makes listening comprehension so difficult? There are clusters of factors which can affect the difficulty of language listening tasks. This ears-on workshop covers what theses factors are, how they affect listening comprehension skills and ways to minimize their impact using examples and exercises.
  10. 10. EDUCATIONAL WRITING and PUBLISHING for EFL TEACHERS Think you need a PhD to be able to write and publish in the field of teaching English as a Foreign Language? Think again. There are scores of publishers and markets looking for your classroom experiences, teaching ideas, popular activities, class room research results and more. Your opinions, experiences and ideas count much more than you might currently imagine. In this day session, you’ll learn to explore the many possibilities open to practicing EFL and foreign language teachers worldwide. Whether American or British English is your standard, there’s a wide range of publishing opportunities available to you starting right at home.
  11. 11. EFL Teacher Certification The Whos, Whats, Whens, Wheres, Whys and Hows of EFL teacher Certification will be examined, discussed and applied to the teachers at your facility. What are the levels of certification? Where and how can teachers get certified? What value does it have? From the TKT to the TESOL Diploma, delta, MA and beyond, attendees will get the latest information on qualifications in their field.
  12. 12. PREPARING and GIVING ELT PRESENTATIONS If I can speak before an audience, then believe me, so can you. All it takes is some knowledge of your topic – which you DO have, don’t you? A bit of technique, which you’ll be getting some pointers on during this intensive workshop, some guided practice beforehand and you’ll do just fine. This workshop will provide you with some important tips and techniques for preparing and giving a dynamic, well-received presentation before a live (and critical) audience.
  13. 13. Using Short Stories in the classroom Everyone loves a good story. Griots or storytellers are honored and highly respected in many societies and cultures. How short stories can be incorporated into the EFL classroom to aid in the learning and acquisition of English for your learners is a critical topic that will be explored in detail. Stories can promote learning vocabulary, idioms and expressions and grammar. It is frequently used to develop improved reading and listening comprehension skills, facilitate speaking and oral fluency among language learners. This workshop will show how and where to get an endless supply of fascinating stories and exactly how they can be used in the classroom for maximum effectiveness.
  14. 14. Key Concepts in Testing, Evaluation and Assessment This workshop delves into the issues of what makes an effective, accurate assessment and how teachers can prepare more effective tests, evaluations and assessments for their EFL learners. Included are types of tests and their purpose, why tests are important, exercise types that can be used and formal vs. informal testing criteria. A variety of tests are reviewed and an examination of tests used at your facility will be conducted to create a series of more effective tests for your learners.
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  16. 16. Specialized Seminar Topics • Language Learning Disabilities • Virtual EFL Teaching • Preparing Effective Evaluations • Improving Reading Comprehension