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Ccca presentation 2015 using 21st century digital tools


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Using smart phones in English language classes as an aid to teaching and learning EFL or ESL, Cell phones on!

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Ccca presentation 2015 using 21st century digital tools

  1. 1. Innovative Activities for the 21st Century EFL Classroom Prof. Larry M. Lynch Santiago de Cali University Education Faculty Post-Graduate Studies Department
  2. 2. Should the use of smart phones be allowed in class?
  3. 3. If your learners almost constantly stay glued to their smart phones, You can use that to TEACH them!
  4. 4. Students use their smart phones for: •Making / receiving calls •Sending / receiving text mesages •Playing video games •Using Apps •Checking eMails •Visits to Face Book accounts •Reading ebooks •Listening to music •Watching YouTube videos
  5. 5. Do you know these terms? Kindle WhatsApp Skype DSLR Video Games eMail FB QR codes Google + Google Hangouts Quora CBR, pdf, mobi, HDMI, VGA, USB
  6. 6. Digital Technology for the 21st Century Classroom: • Desktop computer (PC) • Laptop • Tablet • Smartphone • Digital Apps
  7. 7. Interactive Technology • Digital TV • Digital radio • Laptop • Tablet • Smartphone • Flash Memory players • SDS cards
  8. 8. Video / audio calls Conference calls FREE download & calls Real time tutorials IM Record / send / receive: Images, Text, Audio, Video Create Groups FREE reader, daily ebooks, current works
  9. 9. How do YOU use your smart phone? If not for much, that’s going to change – Right Now!
  10. 10. Pen or pencil Keys Watch or clock Change purse foreign currency Ring Shoes Glasses Hair style Medication Wallet Candy or gum MIO card Tattoo Teaching aid or accesory ANY Unique object or item TASK #3 Use your smartphone: Find and Photograph You have 10 minutes! Now GO!
  11. 11. Learner Follow-Up Activities and Language Production •Send a detailed description •Create a short photostory •Interview owner for details •Voice recording describing your experience •Record a short video
  12. 12. Are Video Games Valid in ELT? • Find out what games learners play • Investigate free download games & Apps • Use game-playing time as an incentive • Monitor game aspects and content • Get parents on your side
  13. 13. • Smart phones CAN be used successfully in ELT • Learners can willingly practice producing language in fun ways • Many useful Apps are FREE Remember: Possibilities are Limitless!
  14. 14. Your learners WILL use their smart phones to practice English – If you show them how!
  15. 15. Thank You Participants Larry M. Lynch