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YouTube offers a mobile video app called YouTube Capture. Facebook has introduced a way to share 15-second videos on Instagram. Vine, the mobile service from Twitter, creates 6-second looping videos. Success with microvideos requires the same elements as any good desktop-content program: good content, social marketing, community management, and outreach/PR.

This session will describe each component, discuss common mistakes, cite case studies, and provide best practices. You will learn:

How to create video content that speaks directly to the audience.
How to determine which platform to use and where to embed and share videos.
How to boost the visibility of your videos in the search results.
The importance of quality social network connections over quantity.
Tactics to connect with influencers with social properties.
How to measure the success of mobile video campaigns.

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  • Good afternoon. Im Larry Markovitz. I’ve worked in the digital media and marketing space since 2000 and I have worked on brands such as Apple, Colgate and SAP and I am a video and mobile marketing enthusiast.
  • This year there will be 89 million US Smartphone Video Viewers and by 2018 there will be 125 million. That said, Video is an area of immense, yet relatively untapped potential.
  • Online video viewers are almost three times more likely to click through to a brand’s website from their smartphone or tablet than their laptop or desktop computer.
  • The 3 main platform for mobile video are Vine, Instagram and YouTube. Vine and Instagram being newer on the scene but gaining a lot of traction. YouTube Capture launched in 2012, Instagram launched 2010 and their mobile video application in June 2013 while Vine just launched in August of 2013. So in a brief amount of time, these two newer platforms are gaining momentum.
  • This is how the 3 platforms stack up. Vine is all about adding content to the appropriate channel category, Instagram is all about #hashtags and youtube is great for SEO as your videos maybe displayed in the universal search – all platforms have one main thing in common which is engaging with the community and being authenticNote: Note: Instagram allows you to delete the most recent clip you took.
  • What are people watching?Since consumers trust their peers and want to hear their genuine opinions, videos created by customers will often have more impact than brand-made videos. With that said e-commerce companies can make a greater effort to obtain and incorporate UGC into their websites. The use of video on e-commerce sites can boost conversion ratesand engagement. Brands can use instagram, vine and youtube embed to place on their ecommerce site and act as UGC or reviews. Now you have video testimonials
  • US Small Business Are Not Seeing Value in Mobile VideoThey are not using YouTube to Promote Their BusinessThey are not using Instagram to Promote Their BusinessThey are not using Vine to Promote Their BusinessOn average, 66% of small businesses are not seeing the value in mobile videoWhy? Let’s look at some businesses that are doing right.
  • Let’s first look at a real success story on YouTube
  • Just the past week, The Fashion Industry was abuzz as the video, First Kiss, created on a shoestring budget of $1300 a 3.5 minute video for a small clothing company Wren. In 4 days it went viral with about 42million youtube views. Industry experts are suggesting that it could force major designers to think more expansively about how to advertise future collections. Wren received better exposure in the video than an actual show at Fashion Week. Why it worked? It felt real and sincere – it resonated with people. Wren’s online sales were up and the song track used sold 10,000 copies. This is a true testament to why businesses can’t ignore this new form of marketing. While this was not done on YouTube capture, it shows the real business power of a engaging video.
  • Instagram started as a photo sharing mobile app, and 9 months ago they introduced mobile video (June 2013)
  • Here, The Hundreds, a California clothing company, is producing 15 second teasers called “Behind the Shirt” where they entice you to go to their blog to hear the full story on how the artist creates a design for their T-shirt collection. This is a creative way of using Instagram micro-video to send traffic to your business.
  • Let’s look at a business that is capitalizing on Vine - the first exclusive mobile micro video site.
  • Urban Outfitters, an early adopter of Twitter's Vine app, teamed up with Converse for a contest offering a cross-country trip for the best Vine that documents "a day in the life of your Converse sneakers.” Customers created 6 second videos on where they go with their Converse All Stars This is a great example for how to successfully generate User Generated Content for your brand.
  • So what’s the secret to being successful with micro-video in 2014? There are several different strategies and tactics to employ
  • Strategy: Use YouTube Analytics regularly to assess your channel’s performance, and investigate changes or trends across different metrics. Why It Works: Analytics provides actionable intelligence for creators to make better videos, implement or measure optimizations, and develop strategic programming. How To Do It: Gain fluency in YouTube Analytics product. Routinely assess channel’s performance and make changes to content or strategies based on findings. ----Companies that create a lot of videos on the go, perhaps at networking events or conferences, will benefit from the added convenience and speed that YouTube Capture offers. 
  • Complete your profile – be sure to add keywords to your profile. So that when people are searching for yoga for example, you are more likely to be visibleInteract with community – be sure to interact with influencers on Instagram by liking and leaving comments on their postsBe personable – Create a strong brand personality that people can relate toUse Hashtags – people are searching for hashtags – make sure to use them for additional viewersHave an engaging cover frame – Jaimie Oliver, a famous UK chef, does a great job with his cover frame on the FoodTube channel talking about money saving meals with a banner that outlines the program time Monday’s at 8pm
  • UK-based online-only retailer ASOS used Vine to put a clever spin on the limits of online shopping. A survey conducted found that customers prefer the in-store shopping experience over that of online shopping. Trying clothes on, bringing your friends, and seeing window displays are what make shopping fun. Getting a brown box on your doorstep, somehow, just isn't as glamorous. So ASOS took to Vine to spice up the online shopping experience by showing how gratifying opening up a box can really be.  --- Creating the excitement of opening a package. 1. Use Time LapseIt's imperative to deliver a clear message within the 6-second timeframe. Time lapse allows you the opportunity to capture all the required elements to make your short story flow. Take this opportunity to highlight products and services your company has to offer.2. Show PersonalityYou only have 6 seconds to attract your target audience. Make every second count. It’s important to exhibit creativity, uniqueness and originality. Vine enables you to convey authenticity like never before.3. Showcase New ContentVine offers a 6 second platform for marketing new promotional material. Brands can create a video teaser for a new eBook, download or blog article. Make sure the elements you include are visual appealing and engaging for viewers.4. Use HashtagsAs with Twitter, Vine also enables the utilization of hashtags for sorting through relevant topics. Hashtags are a great way to reach your target audience while maximizing your company’s exposure. The main objective is to gain more followers for your company. 5. Share & Promote Widen your reach. Share a link from Vine on Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media marketing platform your company uses. Be sure to promote your business by including a link back to your company website. The next time you write a blog, embed your Vine video into the blog content.BONUS: Add vine to the appropriate channel
  • Garnering quality influencers is key to your business success on social media.
  • Content seeding Blogger outreachInfluencersBe part of the communityUtilize Twitter profile data to connect w/ influential YouTube profiles
  • Vine comedians have Emerged As the Latest Hot Property for BrandsBrands who are looking to reach Vine's growing audience need help. Instead of trying to master the medium themselves or through their traditional agencies, many are turning to Vine stars, mostly those posting humorous videos, as vessels through which they can get their message across to Vine's millions of users. Among them are a set of superstars within Vine who are little known outside its walls, such as Brittany Furlan.
  • Here are a few tools that you can use to track your video analytics
  • YouTube Analytics lets you monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports. There's a ton of data available in different reports (e.g. Views, Traffic sources, Demographics).TIP: If you want your videos to rank well, make things that people spend a lot of time watching. Make playlists, do series of related videos, interlink between your videos with annotations and do whatever you can to keep them watching.
  • Instagram Analytics and Engagement Platform for Brands where they can discover, monitor and boost your Instagram Community.
  • Volkswagen and Jetta have mastered video SEO for YouTUbe. I urge you to see how they are optimizing their videos and channel.
  • Focusing on ROI. Here Actively Northwest - A daily resource for healthy eating, fitness tips, motivational stories and local events – has garnered upwards of 42,000 views across all social channels
  • The first step toward a successful content marketing strategy is to understand who your visitors are and to know who your customers are. Work on this critical stage before you jump into micro-video.Brands should always remember, that the existence of a platform does not necessitate a presence. Rather, marketers must make fundamental decisions about where they should be active, how appropriate these formats are to their target consumers before embarking in on a micro-video strategy.
  • The Secrets To Mobile Video (Micro-Video) ClickZ Live NYC 2014

    1. 1. Your logo here. Unlocking the Secrets to Mobile Video: YouTube Capture, Instagram & Vine
    2. 2. Larry Markovitz  Enterprise SEO Professional  Worked On Brands Such As: SAP, AtTask, BlackRock & Colgate  Video/Mobile Enthusiast @larrymarkovitz
    3. 3. 89 Million (2014) - 125.4 Million (2018) Source: eMarketer US Smartphone Video Viewers
    4. 4. Opportunity Video engagement rates on mobile devices have soared from 2012 – 2013 The average CTR for mobile campaigns (13.64%) is almost three times that of desktop (5.45%) Video Engagement On Mobile Almost Three Times Higher Than Desktop
    5. 5. Registered Users 40 Million Registered Users – August 2013 One Billion Unique Users Visiting Every Month
    6. 6. How They Stack Up
    7. 7. 52% Watch User Generated Videos Source: Yankee Group (2013)
    8. 8. Not Seeing Value? 48.5% Businesses Don’t Use YouTube 69.5% Businesses Don’t Use Instagram 79.3% Businesses Don’t Use Vine Source: eMarketer (2014)
    9. 9. Real Business Case
    10. 10. Fashion Clothing Company
    11. 11. Real Business Case
    12. 12. T-Shirt Company Source:
    13. 13. Real Business Case
    14. 14. Vine Video Contest Success Strategy: Urban Outfitters paired up with Converse to run a contest called #yourchucks. Those with the best Vine videos were entered to win a number of goodies.
    15. 15. What’s The Secret? There Are Several Different Ones
    16. 16. 5 YouTube Tips 1. Use YouTube Analytics 2. The first 15 seconds 3. Calls To Action 4. Cross-promote content between channels 5. Write Optimized Metadata Source:
    17. 17. 5 Instagram Tips 1. Complete your profile 2. Interact with community 3. Be personable 4. Use Hashtags 5. Have an engaging cover frame
    18. 18. 5 Vine Tips 1. Use Time Lapse 2. Show Personality 3. Showcase New Content 4. Use Hashtags 5. Share & Promote
    19. 19. Quality Influencers The 1% Rule Of all users, 90% consume, 9% edit, and 1% actively create new content. Tap into the 1% of a platform’s influencers could mean getting your brand or product exposed to millions of individuals.
    20. 20. Collaboration • Targeting key influencers in your industry can provide online PR for your brand • Connect with them with occasional, highly targeted messages
    21. 21. Comedians & Personalities Source:
    22. 22. Video Analytics Tools
    23. 23. YouTube Analytics
    24. 24. Instagram Analytics
    25. 25. SEO Optimized YouTube
    26. 26. ROI Microvideo tactics that have produced very successful results Company’s most successful social content Upwards of 42,000 views across all social channels 7 million impressions on Facebook in just five months Source: Ragan Communications, Inc.
    27. 27. How can you capitalize on the mobile video opportunity? Be on the lookout: Marketers need to leverage apps & social networks that their target audience is using & focus on strategies within each network.
    28. 28. Thanks! Questions? @larrymarkovitz