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Wooden Hot Tubs, Cedar Hot Tubs - CedarTubs.com

  1. 1. Best Cedar Hot Tubs and Wooden Hot Tubs from Northern LightsFor 100s of years societies around the world have rejuvenated in thecalming and healing pleasures of warm water. From as far back as theancient Greeks, tales are spoken of the medicinal healing powers of bathingin natural hot springs.The modern "hot tub" trend started in the 1960s in California, with peoplemodifying large oak wine barrels into private soaking hot tubs. Cedar andRed Wood Hot Tubs were soon introduced because of their naturalresistance to decay. These woods have a great natural insulating propertyand expanded to form a very tight seal when wet. These California Hot Tubswere the grandfathers that the modern day Wooden Hot Tubs is modeledafter. Northern Lights Cedar Tubs manufactures hot tubs using a balance ofold world cooperage (barrel making) and modern design.In the 1970s plastic molding and injection hot tub shells were introducedand quickly these became the fad. The terms "spa" and "hot tub" becamethe same meaning. As with most trends, the classic look of wood and itssuperior functionality gained a rebirth of the "wooden hot tub". Thearchitectural appeal and unique styling of a wood hot tub could never bematched by plastics. And so it is, the classic California hot tub has continuedit legacy and grown in popularity as people look for simplicity andfunctionality in their hot tubs or spas..Today Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc. is the worlds leading supplier ofCedar Hot Tubs and Japanese soaking tub. By integrating the old world artof cooperage (barrel making) with modern advancements in manufacturingtechnologies combined with the best hot tub equipment, we can confidentlysay "Our Cedar Hot Tubs are simply the best!"
  2. 2. At Northern Lights we pride ourselves on producing quality wood hot tubs,this starts by selecting only the top grade of Clear Western Red Cedar. Itssuperiority to decay, and its sweat aromatic scent has made cedar thenumber choice for hot tub construction. Its straight fibrous strands absorbwater causing it to expand equally forming a permanent water tight seal.These same porous strands also give cedar one of the highest insulatingvalues of all common woods. Cedar is the natural choice for all outdoor hottubs and wood burning hot tubs!We take the ancient art of barrel making (cooperage) and add modern daycomputer technology including Computer Aided Milling and Computer AidedDesign (CAD). Our barrel hot tubs are built with strict tolerances. By usingLaser Guided milling machines, we guarantee that each Stave (wall board) isprecisely the exact size. Our Quality Inspection Program ensures that eachwood tub leaves our factory knowing it will exceed our customers highexpectations. Our attention to detail is the reason that our cedar hot tubsare found in some of the worlds most prestigious resorts (See some of ourhot tub awards and commercial projects)Visit: http://www.cedartubs.com/